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Don't worry, he already knows.
You need to contact voxsartoria through his blog www.voxsartoria.comHe handles all profile deletions.
So you're giving 3 piece a chance? You can't see any if the vest cloth on my suits (because they're two piece)
Really? I can't recall a day that I have gone without taking a dump, unless I've been sick or something. Longest I've gone was three days that I was in the hospital.
NY Times magazine had an article a few weeks back stating that a man's chances of getting raped increase from like 1 in 20 to 1 in 5 (I'm paraphrasing, don't remember the exact numbers) the minute they join the army. Would you agree/disagree?
Don't underestimate yourself, I think you definitely are douchey enough
Skateboarders annoy me the most. They are like vampires, they come out at the end of the work day and congregate at office buildings that have outdoor space. Then its full on skatboarding suckage, at least until security comes and kicks them out. What gets me the most is that these guys suck, at least if they were doing some Tony Hawk type stuff, i would appreciate it a bit. But instead, its your local neurosurgeon's son being "street" by falling off a skateboard in...
I been known that
I avoid this from happening by simply keeping the stall door open when taking care of business. Turns the tables and makes them uncomfortable when they are leisurely strolling to the stall and wham!
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