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Felton is not as bad as he looked last year and obviously he needs to keep his weight down. His issue last year was the same issue that JR Smith had, Woodson gave them too much rope and no accountability, regardless of how bad they played they lost no minutes. That is a recipe for disaster. Both players coached the right way in the right system are solid, with JR being a much more talented player on both ends. I would not be surprised to see Chandler and Felton having...
This opens up about 8 million. And they can use Larkin and maybe the 34th pick to move up into the bottom of the first round, which they've been wanting to do. Or they can package some other trade involving Calderon. Worse case scenario, they shed salary, got much better at the point and if they are keeping Bargs this season, he is a totally different player playing without Chandler then with.
Chandler and Felton for Calderon/Larkin and 2nd picks!!!! Phil's making shit happen.
don't be surprised if next time you deliver pizza to his house, he answers the door dressed like this and ask if you would like this jacket also:Whatever you do, tell him to keep the tip.
that bike/tires are for snow/sand only, not pavement. Kind of like driving a Mercedes G Wagon in city streets, which obviously no one does.
I can be described the same way
Funny you mention Mikan as he was one of the early proponents of the 3.the highest scoring game in NBA history (290pts in regulation, 370 points after 3OT's) had 2 three point shots made.http://www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/198312130DEN.html
There was a time when there was no 3 point line in the NBA. There was no clogging in the middle or parking out by the 3 point line, people moved the ball, drove, ran pick and rolls and give and go's, shot mid range jumpers etc. Games were exciting, stars still existed as did role players. I think players today could adjust but the stats geels/orginizations would lose their shit. As for Love/Thompson, Love is a better player but is he a better player for GSW? All these...
What is your policy on teacher-stichy touching
I'll take the opposite view on the 3 point line, I think the league shuold just get rid of it. The line (and the advanced stats) have created this one dimensional "stretch" whatever players that do nothing but stand behind the line. Everytime I see a player get ready to shoot, look down, take a step or two back to get behind the line and then shoot, I want to punch them. "but the long two is so inefficient..." Shut up D'Antoni. Force players from middle school on up to...
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