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A wife objecting to a $2K Panta purchase is grounds for divorce.
wow, I thought you got along with patrickbooth.
Grandi and Rubinelli has some, forgot the name but I made up a blue and a white as regular dress shirts.
Its a running joke but I did one time havea guy come on the subway with a Tuba, played a few notes loudly and awfully and said either give me money or I keep playing. He said it jokingly and also broke into some other jokes, had people laughing and did collect cash from most on the train that day.
I loved this:According to Bill Gutman's Tales from the 1969-70 New York Knicks, afterwards Reed warned his teammates to never restrain him if he were in a fight. Apparently Reed had been hit with a bottle while in college because a teammate was restraining him, and he essentially told them they were liable to be decked if they tried it again.
literally no one other than you watched it.Cuomo got a 700K advance for his bio. It has sold 945 copies in its first week, needs to sell another 20K copies to break even.
yeah, most of there stuff is Japanese, think Thom Browne/BBBF oxfords. For $7/yd, you can put it up against most of the middle range mills from Italy and you won't be able to tell the difference. Its workhorse stuff, nothing fancy but pretty much the same quality as stuff that goes for $40-50 a yard. The royal oxfords are also nice.
and when you say Reisling, you really only mean Dr. Konstantin or Frakenstein or whatever his name is.
Unfortunately I can't help you as I have not seen the movie (although a quality white shirt is not hard to find) but I just wanted to say that your user name is near and dear to my heart. What features did you like about this shirt? Many times, a good fit is what makes items stand out and it may be a custom made shirt
you know, in the mushroom game its blood in, blood out.
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