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you're such a big mo
sixers traded Payton to orlando for picks
I spend 6 months a year in Australia.I love NBA scouts/teams. All hot and heavy for guys that you have no idea how their skills will translate to the NBA (and pick guys like Levine who needs to add 50 pounds before he can play in the NBA) but pass on a guy like PJ Hairston, who lit up the D League, where the competition is more NBA like than anything the college kids face. He already has an NBA body and game and is only 21.
I love Gordon, I think Exum would have been a better pick for Orlando but a guy like Gordon that can play defense on multiple players, is very physical and has his motor, I love that in guys out of college.
you mean like adam morrison?BTW, did I see BJ Armstrong there Is he up for the draft again?
I wonder if that is in the CBA?I don't mind though, the owners have colluded to keep salaries artificially low so I'm fine with a Darko coming in, blowing them away in a 1 man try out and stealing their money. I think Nik Staukas will be stealing money from an owner today.I'm excited for this draft, Knicks, for all their issues, actually draft pretty well.
He's a free agent next year and the thought is that Orlando is trying to draft Exum, so give away a good player so that you don't have to pay him or lose him for nothing. Of course they could have held on and tried getting a better deal but if they do draft Exum and he's good, I guess Afflao's value goes down as trade bait. I don't know anymore, I don't understand all these cap trades. Maybe they just didn't like his last name, I never know how to write it/pronounce it
Afflalo to the Nuggets for Fournier and the 56th pick
This is a reason why I don't like Bill Simmons. On the one hand, the draft is a crapshoot and even the most "sure things" crap out sometimes. On the other hand, he goes on TV giddy like a schoolgirl talking about how stupid Cleveland mgmt is and how they will obviously eff up this draft like they have the last two He is becoming the Bob Costas of basketball, drinking his own kool aid and thinking that he is the smartest guy in the room.and I am convinced brothersport...
the gun charges were obviously a "set up" from his ex. I am not saying the he is a guy that you can count on no matter what, I am saying that if you get him to buy in, he is a bulldog at the point. The skills are there, its getting him to want to do it. Yeah, that is a pain in the ass and he shouldn't need a coach to be his babysitter but, its not that he doesn't have skills. The more I see Parker, the more I think he is going to be mediocre to a bust for many of the...
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