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Way ahead of you
it is cotton, that is worsted.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worstedsubstitute cotton everytime you see wool in the article
Anyone looking for top quality cotton for spring/summer pants or jackets:
Posting/taking these pics is a lot of work, so many thanks to EFV. This guy has a good look but he sprezzed it out too much rather than keeping it low key. The edge stitching on the jacket is so tight its causing all that puckering in the lapels/pockets and why is he showing off that his tailor messed up his pants waistband/fly?
with the talk of seersucker I went through my stuff and will be letting go of the navy 100% cotton seersucker below (on the left, french blue on the right I only have a suit length of and am keeping)
and a grave.
Pardessus is for overcoats, not pants. Wearing 25-27oz fabric as pants, unless you are trying to lose weight, is not a good idea. Plus you would have to line them all the way as the fabric would feel scratchy on your skin. H&S has an off white flannel twill in 17-18oz IIRC.
the guys that were awaiting the hemp/linen blend fabric, sorry but they decided not to send it to me I did get this Irish "donegal" grey linen, about 10oz:
I have a couple of pieces of H&S 98% super 140's, 1% cashmere, 1% mink 12oz flannel that was for a project that has been canned. The cashmere and mink add a very luxurious feel to the fabric and the weight gives a great drape. Grey flannel and Inky Blue/Pearl Grey Chalkstripes
too much stem/shaft for my tastes
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