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3 season will depend on where you live but Crispaire makes up very nice, sportcoat or suit.My go to workhorse H&S now is the City of London stuff. 13-14oz. Really nice, great feel and drape to the fabric and nice colors. Classic Worsted is perfectly fine also. You can't go wrong with either.
Here are some H&S Crispaire lengths: And for those of you not afraid of technical fabrics, these are calvary twills in s120's merino wool and "techlana"
Is that a windsor knot? Looks better than I would have guessed. Also, interesting that the 8cm tie here does not look emaciated, I'm assuming you are not a hipster waif. BTW, I only had 2 of these on the site and they sold right away.
No idea what you guys are talking about.
If you guys come up with some contest, I'll do like a 3 pack of ties (cashmere, silk, whatever) to the winner.
Here is some Crispaire. I have about half a dozen of the solids coming to me Mon/Tues, I'll post the pics. I'll have my Crispaire book back next week and can post better pics. If anyone wants to order any Crispaire, just send me a PM.
Based on your wardrobe (and if you stay around here long enough you'l probably wind up changing items like the brown pinstripe sportcoat and the black cord sportcoat), I would suggest getting the brown as the first choice and one of the two rusts as a second choice.The raw silk ties were made by a different maker and I had those made to 3.5 inches. Not sure which cashmere you mean but it would probably have been sold as 3 3/8. I don't recall ever doing 8cm cashmere ties...
How is your madder project coming along or has that been shelved?
dieworkwear made a post about it but basically ancient madder dye was extracted from specific plants in a manner which has been considered environmentally damaging and no longer done. So a true, historical ancient madder silk is no longer made. Ancient madder ties are still made though, using synthetic methods (I'm paraphrasing here from dieworkwear). So if you are looking for a new ancient madder tie made with silk dyed the old way, they are no longer made. If you are...
New Posts  All Forums: