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all these pretenders that are coming up saying they want to buy the Clippers (Rick Ross, Frankie Muniz ), this is a big boy party. When Geffen and Ellison step into the ring, there's only a handful of people that can go toe to toe with them. Their FU money has FU money.
Vox was DTO'ing (ironically) a Hermes Man fit, so you were second degree DTOing, can't say though if you were ironically DTOing Vox's ironic DTO.
yes but you're a beautiful princess
The former. Your oddness hasn't been in question since your hypnotic/Rorsach ties and the sperm shirt Which, I guess not surprisingly for a sperm shirt, seems to have multiplied and someone else got it too
your first sentence might be the answer. I have a service that does that for me, so I am free of any responsibilty if the card turns out to be stolen. I would think they do to but maybe not. The other issue is this new credit card standard that they use in europe but we are just converting to now. There is date by which, if your credit card processing is not converted to this new standard and you take credit cards, any fraudalent charges you have to eat.
Hasn't this, kinda, become the SF M.O.?
he may not have much of a choice. You can't really count on Rose after the last two years and when you look at how the Bulls play, they are probably the one team that can absorb Melo's 30 shots a game and be better for it. Offensively they are a D League team, Noah has developed tremendously as a kind of point center but he's passing the ball to guys that are bench players (offensively) at best.
I'm happy that the Bulls lost to the Wiz so quickly, I am hoping they get desperate for an offensive playmaker and make Melo an offer he can't refuse.
is the league lets these guys out of their contracts, thats kinda some BS. If Sterling has really been as bad as everyone is now claiming, then Rivers would have known that going in (and cashing those huge checks). Now you are going to allow them to choose who they want to play for and break contracts? The league is phucked up enough with players getting coaches fired, forcing trades etc. Allow them to start breaking contracts due to owners beliefs and you open up a...
New Posts  All Forums: