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Dwayne Shitz...... whatever his name was, was a crazy mofo. Detlef Schrempf was a bad ass on the court (and was good in that Parks and Rec episode), he was on those Seattle teams which could never get over the hump (kind like OKC now). I'm too lazy to look this up but I see that Bledsoe is a restricted free agent and the Suns say they will match whatever (although the got IT2 ). So it seems that this is keeping away teams for putting in a contract offer to him. So...
is you are basing it on skills, no way you put Shaq ahead of Kobe. Shaq's "skill" was being both an immovable beast and fast for his position. Once he lost his speed/strength, he was done. Kobe is still playing and producing at an elite level (well, until the injuries). If he comes back to "normal", he'll probably have another 2-4 years of 20ppg average. That's skill, cause he isn't beating anyone on speed or strength. Also, I love Bird but I think I take Kobe over him....
I wasn't aware of the Kobe haters contingent until recently. I now as much about the Lakers as I do about any other team other than the Knicks (which means not too much) and I get that people feel he is screwing the team's cap for the next two years but isn't this the guy that came into the league at 18, has played his whole career there, has won 5 championships, is arguably a top 5 all time player and who plays injured and plays 110% when he is on the court? Has...
and Hawks quietly signed Thebo to give them some good wing D. They have Horford coming back, another team that can make some noise.I'm just happy that the East is rising.
I was not aware that the Wizards got Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair. Neither one is going to light a team on fire but those are solid bigs, particularly for a team starting Nene and Gortat. They also have Pierce so another nice lineup building up in the East.
emptym is the kind of guy that you just marvel at their level headedness, common sense and thought process. The man takes any situation and turns it into a positve. Makes the world (and the internet) a better place.
well I wasn't making a comment on spectre's comments nor am I esposing his look to be the only universally correct one but your comment on items is, to me, the biggest issue with people trying to dress well. An outfit should not be an item, it should be the sum of the items. Fits like spectre's are boring and unimaginative when you are looking for the "item". But in total, taking aside any preference issues (I don't like monotone outfits either), the ensemble is the...
Yuo can say the same about J.R. Smith and many others. His floater is Tony Parker-ish. Obviously he is a huge defensive liabilty and may be at best a backup to the backup but I hope he makes it, I still fondly remember watching Mugsy.
Sorry, I should have been more discrete.I've lived here all my life and I just found out he was gay a few years back.
Ah forget Love and the Cavs, who cares. In more important news, "Yuki Togashi", did anyone know this was happening http://www.nba.com/video/channels/originals/2014/07/17/20140716-togashi-summer-league.nba/index.html?ls=nba:specialssplit4 He looks like one of the SW&D posters.
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