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I love wood () in my bourbon.
and seemingly some vertical, you sure you from the tribe stitch Reminds me of the joke from Top Secret (1984 movie), when the two spies are about to exchange the secret phrase:Spy 1 - "Name a good, white, professional basketball player"Spy 2 - "There are no good white professional basketball players"
Its Friday and I'm bored so I'm gonna talk more about this post then probably anyone cares to hear so you've been warned.One of the things that I think people don't pay a lot of attention to, or maybe just don't think/care about is something that chocosa does so well (hopefully purposely and not by accident). I think he mentioned once that he is 6'5-6'7 so something and that he was a basketball player at Indiana (if so, we'll try not to hold it against him). When you're...
Greg Smith is a big body that will bang and get some rebounds. He is not going to provide offense unless its put backs but Dirk,Chandler and Monta should be good for 70 points, they just need another 25-30 pts from the other 7 guys and some defense. I like what Dallas has done, barring injury they should make some noise this season.
Sounds like someone needs a swift kick in the balls
I disagree a bit with this. I like SeaJen's look, I think he could've executed it better with some linen pants and a different shirt (or that shirt worn more open) but I wonder if the fact that he does not have his jigger button fastened is what you are noticing in the skirt of his jacket? Its shorter than I would like but it fits him well. The first one, I don't like 6x2's with patch pockets and would prefer meatier lapels. His jacket also has a wide skirt, its not so...
Houston is going to be so much fun to watch next year, I am predicting McHale out before the All Star break and at least one public 'fight" between Harden and Howard: http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/07/24/james-harden-dwight-and-i-are-the-cornerstones-of-the-rockets-the-rest-of-the-guys-are-role-players/?ocid=Yahoo&partner=ya5nbcs
I'm not sure if this is the same suit (sartorio) that you posted earlier, it does not seem to be so if it is then the camera here is playing some tricks but some unsolicited advice. If you were my customer, the first thing I would mention is that your suit sleeves are too slim. I know that's the trend now, but the armhole, the shoulder cap, your bicep area and the wirst with the FC shirt, all just too tight. You're a fit guy so I get the desire to wear this, but you can...
Get ready to be eviscerated by the bicycling fanbois. In happier news, maybe this is up an running by now: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/comedy/10985111/British-inventor-builds-giant-fart-machine-to-fire-at-France.html
what you are looking for, which you may not want to hear, is pants with braces/suspenders. You will enjoy the higher rise (and they will elongate your bottom half), the comfort and they will stay crisp and not bunch up. Braces keep your pants anchored (particularly for guys like us where pants with belts ride down as the day goes on) in one spot and you can wear them high, even when you have a belly, and it won't look like you have a gunt.
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