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I think Capelli probably misunderstood the question. Both of my tie makers cut at 45 degrees, I know nothing of tie making but my Italian maker has been around forever and makes for their own high dollar brand and others.Here is Drakes cutting at 45 degrees:http://www.theguardian.com/money/2010/feb/06/make-a-silk-tieAnd if you go to Sam Hober's site, it's the same thing. I've never seen a tie not cut at 45 degrees.
All patterns are "straight" but cut diagonally. The tie and the swatch are one in the same.
Here is the H&S Crispaire in solid and some houndstooth, all 9/10oz and also a 7 1/2 oz fabric from their Dakota book. If you guys want the H&S, I can handle the logistics of ordering/shipping etc.
would still smash and finish inside
As I was reading the story, I was hoping to come across the doctors putting stuff in his rectum and taking pics or something, like a blown up latex glove sticking out of his butt. But alas....I can only imagine the number of docs performing a similar procedure on a hot chick and saying something like "damn, I'd tap that Polyethylene Glycol cleaned-out ass"
White males will be perfectly fine as long as they follow this:http://www.styleforum.net/t/406535/posting-up-at-the-club-bar-lets-discuss/0_10On another note, had no where else to put this and figured Pio and Falcon Punch would enjoy this:http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/anesthesiologist-trashes-sedated-patient-jury-orders-her-to-pay-500000/2015/06/23/cae05c00-18f3-11e5-ab92-c75ae6ab94b5_story.html
Monkeyface and others here have touched on a few issues that affect not only SVB, but many. I'll start of by saying that the worse dresser on SF still dresses better than 95% of the population and if SVB wore either of those outfits in "real life" he would not get a single negative comment and in the big picture, there is nothing wrong with either outfit but if you are here on SF, then we are going to get into the things that matter to the 5%. Part of the issue here is...
He means "tossing his salad"
I have two more shirt lengths (2 yds x 60 inch width each) of this 100% cotton seersucker shirt fabric, made by Zegna for a Tom Ford season from some time ago. 2 two yard pieces ($50 each) or 1 four yard piece ($100) shipped.
Have some really nice chambray fabric for sale, 100% cotton, 60 inch width. Its a beautiful medium light blue with white streaks. Fabric is soft to the touch, its finished to make up a great dress shirt, not finished roughly like most chambrays. Selling by the yard, 25/yd.
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