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who is Vox
in the golden era of styleforum, Jorts referred to jean shorts and no one wore them as well as voxsartoria.
and yet another difference between today's styleforum and the good ole days. A hall of fame poster would have worked "Tucks" into the response, Depends is the easy way out.
The thread is mostly one big shart.
Yes to mimo and the Buday are on BP 39
Clearing out these two cotton twills. $149 shipped North America and $10 more overseas. Cotton khaki, medium weight, lined to the knee, button fly, unfinished 38 inch inseam. Size 32 and 36 Grey cotton, medium/heavy weight, lined to the knee, button fly, unfinished 38 inch inseam. Size 36
Clearing out the last two sizes that I have left in this shoe. NO RETURNS. Horween Shell cordovan in Cognac, triple sole, brass toe tip, hand lasted, hand welted. Box and bags. $525 shipped in North America, $35 more overseas Two pairs in size 8.5 UK / 9.5 US Two pairs in size 9.5 UK / 10.5 US One pair in size 9 UK / 10 US (on hold) One pair in size 8 UK / 9 US of Buday buffalo and scotch grain budapesters. Hand welted, hand lasted, brass toe tip, goyser...
I'm at the point where clothes-lining these dudes is a reasonable action. Twice bikers have zoomed past me, within a 1/2 inch of my body, when I have the light.
Dont Jump!!!!! Your suit is 85%wool/15% silk (which is perfectly normal and seen in many high end fabrics) with a rayon lining (again, perfectly normal in all price ranges.)
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