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I have a few last pair left of Buday shoes, clearing them out below cost, shoes come with box, bags and lasted shoe trees: Tobacco shell cordovan PTB on Frakno last. Size 9 UK / 10 US and a size 11UK / US 12 (SOLD), $600 shipped North America Dark green boxcalf, single leather sole, flush metal toe plate, hand lasted/welted. P Last Size 8 UK / 9 US, $300 shipped US/Canada, $45 more overseas (SOLD) Oxblood hatch grain, single leather sole, flush metal...
While not officially a Dem or Repub., the actions of the Dem party post election have been some of the most tone deaf, head in the sand, childish and nonconstructive actions that I have ever seen. There seems to be an underling thought in the party that the 40+mln voters of Trump were all racist/misogynistic/jingoistic and that Clinton only lost due to Comey. There seems to be no self evaluation, no admittance that they have ignored a large part of the country and no...
he left his "weiner" hanging
The emails are from phones from Anthony Weiner and Huma LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dat boy causing problems from his political grave. Wonder how many dictures they found of his. Maybe he had Huma role play that she was Hillary and he was Trump
Some end pieces of fabric that I am looking go clear out. Loro Piana super 130's extrafine wool, blue with a blue plaid, would make a great, sedate summer sportcoat, a change from the typical navy. 2 1/2-2 3/4 yards, 8/9oz, $125 shipped for the piece. (sold) Kiton Diamante Blue light brown plaid, 1 3/4 yds, 10/11oz. $75 for the piece (sold) Luxury Worsted and Cashmere, made in Huddersfield, dark grey (a shade or two lighter than charcoal) twill, 11/12oz, 2...
Buday oxblood shell cordovan brogues, Horween shell cordovan. Shoes are "seconds", there is some grinning in the toes (if you look closely you can see the stitching), which with time may be an issue if worn in heavy rain/mud etc but otherwise shoes are in perfect condition. Comes with alder wood lasted trees. $375 shipped to the US, $20 more for Canada.
Some overstock/returns/unpaid for items for sale, pants are $100-$150 off normal prices. All unhemmed, 37-38 inch inseam Holland and Sherry Classic Flannel mid grey flannel, flat front, side adjusters, 2 back pockets, lined to the knee, unhemmed. $189 each Size 30 (SOLD) Waist - 30 Rise - 12 Back Rise - 16 Seat - 36 Knee - 8 7/8 Leg opening - 7 7/8 Size 36 Waist - 36 Rise - 11 1/2 Back Rise - 16 1/2 Seat - 41 Knee - 9 1/4 Leg Opening - 8 Holland and Sherry...
Kabbadi reminded me of after practice showers in high school, where a teammate would come up behind you in the shower (no stalls) and pee on you until you realized that it wasn't warm water streaming down your leg. I wouldn't mind doing a little radballing though
"sports" are a patriarchal construct, a subconscious fat shaming tool and a exercise in imperialistic, paramilitary capitalism.
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