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familiar but not a follower. is a (green wallet) Hermeticist
It is but if I was a young pup that cared about haute food preparation, I would take you up on it. As it is, I am more of a consumer of food then a producer and when you have two kids involved in a hundred activities, any free time on weekends is sacred.
Saturday evening working serving food?? Count me in!
A beautiful cacophony of color and culinary courage. I see some Warhol, Bocuse, Cicero in your work. And the subliminal political message, the red/white/green of the Mexican flag draped all over the "white" meat chicken, the chicken drowning in the sauce but being held up by its strong foundation, the Circle (flour tortilla), which is an obvious reference to God, "God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere (Hermes Trismegistus)". Its...
Shipping is included
are you talking about tailoring or dating?
Spring/Summer/Fall dress scarves, 50% cashmere/50% cotton, lightweight, handrolled edges. Approximately 76 inch length x 27 inch width. $89 each Available in Blue, Green or Burgandy
Silk suiting is not delicate, much less silk blended with wool and linen and not all silk suiting has sheen.
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