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$60 each shipped. New and unworn. 100% silk, 6 fold, self tipped. 3 3/8x58 inches Left, 100% silk, silk tipped, normal construction. 3 1/4 x 57 Right, 100% wool, self tipped, normal construction. 3 1/4 x 57
yes, like the derby, although in boot form it seems more elongated/sleek.
Belts on their way. Brown Buffalo Tall Dress Boot Oxblood Cordovan Budapester
@guyfromhungary, those are all my shoes you are photographing. Some I just got yesterday (first two pics), others coming shortly (hatch grains and suedes)
I'll PM you comparison pics a bit later, thanks for the interest.
Thanks. I have both the scarves you purchased and a different batch of cotton/cashmere scarves that I never got a chance to put up due to just being busy with a lot of business/personal crap. Its late in the season but I'll put them up this weekend.@MurlsquirlDonkey is on its way.
Soon, soon. I am down to like one pair each of what I have on the site, so I am chomping at the bit. I have people who have placed orders who are chomping at the bit. You know how these things go, sometimes 4-6 weeks, turns into 8-10 weeks. By the way, there will also be belts in fox suede, russian hatch grain etc.
I don't even know what that means or how it applies, I just wanted to show that I've read Shakespeare.
"Those that much covet are with gain so fond,For what they have not, that which they possessThey scatter and unloose it from their bond,And so, by hoping more, they have but less;Or, gaining more, the profit of excessIs but to surfeit, and such griefs sustain,That they prove bankrupt in this poor-rich gain"
2 cuts coming in January, Signature (classic cut, not too slim or too baggy) and Heritage (slim, one piece back, higher construction level). 2-3 guys have been keeping me busy the last few months with MTO pant's so haven't had the time for the RTW stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: