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Lil Wayne, you remember him, "hey, hey, hey!"
Possibly, an issue might be that "average" size has gone up a lot, for both men and women. I was watching a documentary on the NYC garment district, one of the people interviewed was talking about how when they fitted Marilyn Monroe, Rita Heyworth etc, those women were size 10-12's back then, he mentioned that with today's sizing convention, they would be 6-8's. I wouldn't be surprised if a size 12 in women's today is 3-4 sizes bigger than what it was 40-50 years ago. I...
Well, you're the lawyer But you want to talk about a pink tax, I submit the tens if not hundreds of thousands I've spent in my life on trying to get the pink
It gets better. Here is what is actually happening, which is BS"Despite what her signs say, Alony explained, men aren't actually coughing up more than they normally would at the register; rather, she's offering a 7 percent discount for women—effectively cutting out sales tax. She's still required to report all sales and pay out the sales tax in full, so, she said, she's just making up the difference herself."But here is the part of the storyUpdate: After this story was...
It looks like they are not charging an extra "tax" to men but rather just not charging tax to women (the store is allegedly picking up the tab). Of course, besides the gender discrimination issue, they are inviting the IRS to comb through their sales and tax receipts, which is a more brutal outcome then any protesting or bad press. And of course people are shitting all over their yelp and google reviews.
unintentional joke in the story, "BBC" replacing Jon Holmes (the original BWC) (don't mind me, I eat fast food)
If only. They loudly proclaim how they don't use eggs, milk or butter. Of course everything is gluten free, non-GMO and not tested on animals. People always look very sad in there.
Had a Sausage McMuffin this morning from Mickey D's, walked right past a juicing place and a vegetarian bakery, cause IDGAF http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/09/upshot/giving-the-poor-easy-access-to-healthy-food-doesnt-mean-theyll-buy-it.html?_r=0
As a parent, it saddens me that these young ladies that seemingly have mental health issues are prodded on and encouraged by their peers, rather than having them look at what the root of there issues may actually be. A young woman in her 20's, that is pushing 250lb and thinks its OK, will probably be close to 300-400lbs in her 50's and probably won't see her 60's. I understand that not every woman has to be 5'8" and 105lbs but these girls are deep into obesity territory. ...
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