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yeah, most of there stuff is Japanese, think Thom Browne/BBBF oxfords. For $7/yd, you can put it up against most of the middle range mills from Italy and you won't be able to tell the difference. Its workhorse stuff, nothing fancy but pretty much the same quality as stuff that goes for $40-50 a yard. The royal oxfords are also nice.
and when you say Reisling, you really only mean Dr. Konstantin or Frakenstein or whatever his name is.
Unfortunately I can't help you as I have not seen the movie (although a quality white shirt is not hard to find) but I just wanted to say that your user name is near and dear to my heart. What features did you like about this shirt? Many times, a good fit is what makes items stand out and it may be a custom made shirt
you know, in the mushroom game its blood in, blood out.
I was on my once a month subway ride last week and we got stuck in between stops, there was a sick passenger ahead and it took about 40 minutes to move the sick passenger train. While we are sitting aorund, power on our train goes off (about 3-5 minutes). People were already freaking out sitting there for such a long time but when they took the power down, this nurse gets up, pacing in our car and starts yelling "don't let this uniform fool you, I'm claustrophobic as hell...
You're bringing booty back.
so you are saying that kwilkinson has more balls than him?
who is Vox
in the golden era of styleforum, Jorts referred to jean shorts and no one wore them as well as voxsartoria.
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