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My hierarchy of internet douchiness/pretentiousness/knowitallness:1. VegaNazi2. Coffee "lovers"3. Atheists4. SJW'sSJW's are 4 because they are relatively new on the scene but they are making a strong, strong push to move up.
The 100% cashmere gunclub
I am picking up this 100% cashmere houndstooth gunclub tomorrow but I am being offered the whole piece and its more than I need. Its a good deal (PM for price) its from an English mill (no selvage) and was made for a tailor/retailer that is going through some issues so they reneged. Its about 10oz., the base is a dark cream/light brown and the houndstooth design are shades of brown. The houndstooth windowpane is in blue. Typically you find these fabrics with three or more...
I asked the customer to send me the contact info on the person he spoke to at Eurotex because emailing them is a waste of time.
Another one
In the funding process:Next up is this tobacco super fine twill cotton:
Seersucker popover CEGO
100% cashmere houndstooth gunclub. Various shades of brown with blue overcheck, 10/11oz, English mill, 60 inch width. $100/yd for scale: Group pic: The first one is a Kiton cashmere/linen/silk blend. It has a faint herringbone, dry finish, good for a spring/summer suit, sportcoat, etc. Its a greyish brown $90/yd English Solaro, if you know what this is you don't need a description and if you don't know, probably best not to buy it. $90/yd Loro Piana...
Yes recently made for customers.
A couple of funded unfundeds: Maize H&S linen silk wool Same in oatmeal: Grey donegal linen: hollywood back
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