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thanks, made in Italy. I was lucky to get them to make for me, they make for their own brand and the prices are significantly higher. They also make my made in Italy ties. As you can imagine, I won't say who "they" are thanksA few people have asked for that size so I am getting them made.
^^ you can also cross post in the Mise en place thread in the food subforum, due to the food processor. Real talk.
Alonzo was so underrated. or at least as much as a HOF player can be underrated. When you think about he went up against almost nightly, how he was undersized in all those matchups and yet still kicked ass, intimidating presence. In today's league he'd probably average about 30 pts a game. Such a nice guy too.
eating BBQ in NYC is like eating Mexican in Papua New Guinea
#4 is very wearable.
good lord. if you ever see me wearing one of those, please be sure to use your professional powers and have me forcibly committed.
My belief is not whether he will reach 120K posts, but rather that it will be done way before 2017.
whatever your lubricant of choice is, warm it up first in the microwave. warm though, not hot.
^^ Yes and the reason I deleted it is that CBD means different things to different people on this forum (see CBD threak) and I did not want to get into an endless argument about what CBD means if you are a lawyer/banker/politician/self employed or what CBD means in Europe versus America versus UK etc etc
New Posts  All Forums: