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sb, I don't have a witty reply for that FG, I just finally learned how to keep the heat between 250-275 for hours and now I have to learn the opposite????
that looks great, I need to get one of those attachments.
How would you describe your normal stance and how are your shuolders? Something is throwing the jacket off (or rather the fit of the jacket doesn't jive with your body), I think its your left shoulder or rather that you shoulders are uneven. Besides the lapel bowing the left side of the front of the jacket is lower than the right side.
can you post a pre-digestion pic?
Nicholas Cage as Batman would actually really work, I think. https://www.yahoo.com/movies/unfinished-documentary-about-unfinished-nicolas-cage-92822105717.html
My 6 year old, due to the Luigi Death Stare video, was introduced to "Ridin' Dirty" from Chamilionaire and I showed him Weird Al's version "White and Nerdy" and he couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately he goes around singing the chorus and I'm afraid he'll do it when he is around his friends. My 16 year old loves "Tacky" and the older Weird Al stuff like Eat It. Its really amazing when you think about Al's longevity and appeal.
I love wood () in my bourbon.
and seemingly some vertical, you sure you from the tribe stitch Reminds me of the joke from Top Secret (1984 movie), when the two spies are about to exchange the secret phrase:Spy 1 - "Name a good, white, professional basketball player"Spy 2 - "There are no good white professional basketball players"
Its Friday and I'm bored so I'm gonna talk more about this post then probably anyone cares to hear so you've been warned.One of the things that I think people don't pay a lot of attention to, or maybe just don't think/care about is something that chocosa does so well (hopefully purposely and not by accident). I think he mentioned once that he is 6'5-6'7 so something and that he was a basketball player at Indiana (if so, we'll try not to hold it against him). When you're...
Greg Smith is a big body that will bang and get some rebounds. He is not going to provide offense unless its put backs but Dirk,Chandler and Monta should be good for 70 points, they just need another 25-30 pts from the other 7 guys and some defense. I like what Dallas has done, barring injury they should make some noise this season.
New Posts  All Forums: