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Is that pre or post digestion?
Interesting, the time is what has kept me away from smoking a brisket. I'm thinking a boneless pork butt would probably also come out amazing if you sous vide first and then throw it in a smoker for just a few hours.
the one thing that sous vide really intrigues me about would be a bbq/smoke cook. Instead of 10-12 hours of smoke for a brisket, an overnight bath and then out to the smoker for an hour or two? Also ribs, wonder if you could get a good consistency texture by using an immersion circulator and then throwing them on the wood for an hour or so.
you still use a roasting/searing pan at the end, or a blowtorch. And whether they are cheap or not, vacumm sealers and immersion circulators are more equipment to buy/have on your countertop. And yes, when using a pan, you are there for the whole time (although not really), but that time amounts to 15-20 minutes prep/cook and you are eating. One pan to clean. Use whatever method you like but cooking a steak in a pan is one of the easiest and quickest methods imaginable....
I think, like everything else, it comes down to each person's view of the incremental benefit/diminishing return of doing something and in this case, how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go in terms of cooking techniques/appliances etc. I am using a cast iron pant and butter, Pio sous vide and herbs/spices, mgm sodium alginate/agar agar, hairymatt pigs blood/siphons/tweezers
before you dump the meat, you have to vacuum seal it, which requires a vacuum sealer. Or you can use the ziplock bag method, but still requires getting the air out as much as possible. Then you have to wait a few hours, then you still have to do the searing process. To people used to cooking a steak in 15-20 minutes with only one appliance, it is more work and a longer cook.
Restocked my little kitchen wine fridge today:
I manually soften my meat to avoid any contaminants.
I've mostly moved to Tri Tip steaks which I quick sear in a cast iron pan, then roast in oven for a bit, then finish off in pan with lots of butter and garlic. I then just slice it thin across the grain, perfect doneness for me every time without being super specific in terms of time and temp. Terrific taste and mouthfeel. I have had one sous vide steak in my life and did not like the consistency. I am a believer that "basic" foods are best made as basically as...
Would it be presumptuous to say that cheese came from a can? And the milk is an inspired accompaniment.
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