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Silk suiting is not delicate, much less silk blended with wool and linen and not all silk suiting has sheen.
AKA Dirt McGirtThe second classic MTV moment was when they followed him around for a day in he was in a limo with his baby moma going to cash a government assistance check.
just added the below onto B&S: Some new Zegna wool, cashmere tweeds and some linen stuff A really interesting hopsack/fresco-ish fabric
no Yak right now but a bunch of other Zegna wools/cashmeres
close ups below are color correct : 1. Zegna 100% cashmere herringbone in light brown, 320 grams, $90 a yard 2. Zegna 80% wool / 20% Silk herringbone in oatmeal 320 grams, $60/yd 3. Zegna 73% Wool, 22%silk, 5% cashmere brown plaid, 260 grams. This fabric is two sided, either side can be used for a suit. The pattern/colors are the same on both sides, one is a darker version of the other. $60/yd Dark side on left, lighter side on right: 4. Zegna dark...
In some cases both the cat and the human one.
Nothing wrong with two virile young men with magnificent hair that frequent a clothing forum getting together in a humid, sweaty, anything goes city like Bangkok.
looks like the stuff Mike from China used to post.
You've actually narrowed it down to only one as the only one there that will alter your coat is Sam Wazin. Maybe Ercole, but I don't know him so can't say.
Sounds like Connemara
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