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In some cases both the cat and the human one.
Nothing wrong with two virile young men with magnificent hair that frequent a clothing forum getting together in a humid, sweaty, anything goes city like Bangkok.
looks like the stuff Mike from China used to post.
You've actually narrowed it down to only one as the only one there that will alter your coat is Sam Wazin. Maybe Ercole, but I don't know him so can't say.
Sounds like Connemara
My suggestion would be the one in CP but more importantly, rent the room next to yours for Connemara. Have him come in from upstate (you'll need to pay for his train fare) and he can serve as your guide to the best that DiBlasio's New York has to offer.
From recent batch of cloths, a funded pair of pants: a 270 gram faux tweed that gives you the look of a heavy tweed but in a lighter weight and with a soft, smooth finish.
Yak may be but this piece is for sportcoats, too soft for trousers. Which reminds me of the mom Yak that walked into her sons room in shock and asked him " what are you doing?!?!?" and the son replied, "Yaking off!"
100% cashmere gunclub funded
Justed posted a bunch of Zegna fabrics, cashmere, cashmere blends and Yak.
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