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I've been thinking about framing some squares for a long time! Looks like it's working out for you.
@UrbanComposition The tweed is gorgeous!
If we are making plugs, I would also lobby for the return of MTM polos!
 I believe KW offers regular, soft, and spalla camicia.
I did it and I'm pleased. They had pretty limited options for the promotion, but the fit is good. 
troll x2
I'm selling two shirts--my first order and remake from Proper Cloth, a styleforum affiliate and established online MTM shirt company.    The price-to-quality ratio of PC is pretty high. The shirts include details like gusseted seams and single needle stitching.   Here are some reviews of the company:   I like the company a lot,...
 His post is very reassuring!
Those two arguments both have plenty of merit. The former means things will continue, whereas the latter means a degradation of quality. So as a result, I'm fearful of potential negative changes. I don't see any reason to hope for improvement; rather, just for the status quo to remain.
I don't think any of the portfolio brands manufacture in the US. After all, there are only 6 or so companies that still make shoes here.
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