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Fit Check, please. 201 tapered size 30. I have a 31" waist. The inseam on these only measured out to be 32.5-33". Seems a little short. I'd really hate to see that shrink after a soak, too. Anyone have an estimate on inseam shrinkage?
What type of scar?
I'd definitely leave it longer.
You can die - but just drink a gallon a day and you'll be just fine, and likely much healthier than not drinking a gallon a day. If you're not working out, taking vitamins, or eating a high protein diet, you could shave that gallon down. Be prepared for a lot of bathroom breaks.
I think the Slim Jims in 30 look pretty good on you. They will stretch (assuming those are new - they look it.). With your thighs and waist, I'd give 29s a try. The consensus is to size down two for WG from your normal waist measurement.
My thigh is 21.5 and my calf is 14.25. You have some calves on you... The WG is my favorite fitting jean so far, as it doesn't restrict my thighs too much.
While probably not the popular choice, I find mixing it with freshly cracked pepper and light mayo to be just about right and obviously simple. I'll even throw in some chipped leaves to get a few veggies in my diet. Otherwise, I like to throw it in with macaroni and cheese... tuna mac!
I've used in DC once. Liked it. Haven't really needed to use it since, as my travel is just home to airport usually. I'm a big fan of what they're doing...
How do these meet-ups usually go? Will my mother know I'm safe?
I'd check out the 9/11 memorial and I'd visit the Levain Bakery in upper west side.
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