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Quote: Originally Posted by bjornb17 I had that problem at first with the CT shirts, but now i just spray the points with a generous serving of starch right after iron them, and they stay perfect in the closet for weeks and all day when i wear them. I haven't noticed any kind of accelerated wear from doing this, so i think it is a good solution. I would try that, but I typically just hang the noniron shirts and leave the iron packed away.
Interesting comparison. I used to wear quite a few noniron CT shirts, but do not like their collars as they always curl on me. I thought the fabric was better than TML but the TML noniron fit me better and the collars do not roll on me as much. The noniron TML shirts are fairly thin though. Quite frankly, I am still trying to find the best noniron shirt without a chest pocket. TML seems to be the best so far for me, but I am going to keep looking.
You got it TC11201. I couldn't remember if one was allowed to post sales link in this forum or not but some retailers have them for 10-15 bucks. They are the only brand I know of with a color that doesn't show through.
This was a challenge for me for a while. I hate t-shirts and would never wear them with white dress shirts as I disliked the sleeve line, but with 100 degree days, I would easily sweat through the shirts, often leaving sweat stains. For me the perfect solution has been a tight underarmour type shirt in a tan color. Absolutely fantastic. I now own about 8-10 of the 5.11 tight crew neck shirts in ACU tan. No sleeve lines, no sweating through, no stains, and absolutely...
They are fairly standard when it comes to sizing and a decent boot though made in China. For what it is worth, mMy personal go-to boots are engineering boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by ENT Is it on both legs or just one? The weird thing for me is that it's only on the right leg. Only the right leg.
I was surprised at the twist my RB11s have too, though dont even notice it now.
I wear my Tony Lama elephant skin boots at least once a week here in Nashville. You are much more likely to see some exotic Luccheses here than your Lobbs or C&Js.
I liked HST and did it for some time as I think Haycock has some good science to back up his program. As I am assuming you did, I also cut out the 15s. It's a solid program. While I will probably go back to the program some day, my joints became quite sore with the higher frequency of training and greater volume.
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