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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 lol, there's something rich about the idea that Flea has a mansion.. exactly...
they need to fix the spawning issue that shit is for kids. i still dont understand having "complex" maps. i feel theres only a couple of maps that promote all out gameplay. im not trying to play hide-go-seek
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel +1 on the no condom and the best lube is her own juice, which will serve two purposes: 1. lubrication 2. getting her excited enough to produce juice will get her to relax, which you need her to be if you want to go in through the back door. Start with your finger, slowly work your thumb in there, and once she is as loose as she can be, slather her taint area/a-hole and your cawk in her juice and slowly start...
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Would it make you feel better or worse if I told you that he didn't even graduate HS? worse. fml. fucking gullwing. fml.
Quote: Originally Posted by GR_Holliday Do you have fit pics of the Cooming Soon Denim? and some BIG measurements? thank you. would like the measurements too
if the jacket dont work out let me know
bs jacket needs to be a sz. small
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