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I think we have it in Los Angeles. Give em a ring.
I have some 73 Folk boots from Visvim AND some Yuketen plain toe ripple mocs and they're both splitting like that. Pretty annoying actually.
word. Just wondering why 110 over 2030 last? Haven't been able to find the clearest indication of characteristics of the 110.
Bingo, however, that being said.... it's coming this year.
Just getting feedback right now. I'll disclose some more details as they develop. Anything and everything you guys are into, definitely let me know. Colors, lasts, outsole choice, etc.
Been awhile Woodlands Sun Buddies Tres Bien Neighbohood South 2 West 8 Tanner Goods 3sixteen Visvim
Alright, working on some putting some boots together for Woodlands/TG: Are you guys more into Service or Scout?
just a quick heads up, there is some remaining stock from FW14 on-sale in limited sizes and quantities available
FYI, Spring 2015 is now live, available in both Portland and Los Angeles and online
New Posts  All Forums: