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Yes, our SS16 delivery just started shipping out. Should arrive next week or the week after. FW15 just got marked down btw -> Still not publicized information. Here is a run down of styles we ordered.... Short Collar Shirt- Royal End on End - Royal Work Shirt- White Pima Cotton - White Banded Long Collar Shirt - White Knit Jacket- Grey Floral Jacquard - Floral BDU Jacket - Olive High Count - Olive Bedford Jacket- Grey Homespun - Grey Baker Jacket - Dk Navy High Count...
Bunch of rad new drops at the shops. Probably online in the next week or so!
Your best option is to contact us immedietly to see if we can acquire some XS on special order. It's true, we don't carry XS for many of the same reasons hardly anyone else does. Actually, I don't think anyone has even inquired before now.
Just to to chime in, we now ALWAYS carry XL. Every style in EG was delivered in size 36 and XL.
FW15 Delivery 2 just arrived. We're looking at Royal Houndstooth Flannel Workshirt Shawl Collar Knit CD in Grey Boucle Combi Vest in DK Grey Cable Knit Harrington Jacket in Black Nyco Ripstop Highland Parka in Olive 12oz Bull Denim Fatigue Pants in Black 10oz Denim and Fatigue Pants in Charcoal Brushed Herringbone. Everything shoudl be in the Portland store this afternoon, LA by Friday, and online Monday or Tuesday. Should you wish to be notified of any of these...
Generally speaking, the Fatigues are some of the cheapest bottom styles available from Engineered Garments. Fabric choice, construction and order volumes absolutely dictate the final retail cost. In this case, the B1P is a completely different beast.
Hi All, Just an update, we were a bit slow this season but we now have our first delivery from Engineered Garments available on-line and in both the Portland and Los Angeles shops. In addition, delivery 2 just shipped, and includes a lot more of the fun, eccentric pieces. Anyways, just wanted to share.... 19th Century BD in White Cambridge Oxford 19th Century BD in Black Cambridge Oxford 6oz Denim Workshirt in Black 8oz. Denim BDU Shirt Banded Long Colalr Shirt in Brush...
We'll be launching an Individualized Shirting MTM program soon!
SMH at how quickly we detracted this thread.
$10 dollar sandwiches all day in Portland. Preferably from Lardo or Devils Dill
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