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To our friends in Portland, stop by the workshop (240 N Broadway) Friday and Saturday for the annual Tanner Goods sample sale.
OL life. Probably my favorite brand the last 2 or 3 years. That roll lapel blazer fits pretty slim....
what size were you looking for?
Some pretty rad Plain Toe Walkers from Yuketen, made for Woodlands in black suede.
Give me a shout! I'm definitely be around to grab a beer. Haven't seen you in ages!
Tanner Goods Woodlands
arcteryx veilance reigning champ tanner goods wings + horns converse missoni
On that note... anyone else here into running? I usually hit a variation of the bridge, esplanade loop 5 times a week. Get at me if you'd be into it!
Good stuff, good vibes. Come hang on Saturday!
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