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Some pretty rad Plain Toe Walkers from Yuketen, made for Woodlands in black suede.
Give me a shout! I'm definitely be around to grab a beer. Haven't seen you in ages!
Tanner Goods Woodlands
arcteryx veilance reigning champ tanner goods wings + horns converse missoni
On that note... anyone else here into running? I usually hit a variation of the bridge, esplanade loop 5 times a week. Get at me if you'd be into it!
Good stuff, good vibes. Come hang on Saturday!
Pretty good. I've been for breakfast once and dinner once. It's a nice, albiet familiar departure from Andy's other spots in town.Dude, did you not read the menu? They have items on it which they highly reccomend you do not order because they're not sustainable. Stupid restaurant. I like the concept, but it's overpriced and the preparation is whatever. I'd much rather spend my omikaze munneh at Boxer Sush. It's my favorite neighborhood spot that I can't afford to eat at...
Goddamn right!
Where are my Portland peeps? Bump for the coolest thread on here...
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