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just a quick heads up, there is some remaining stock from FW14 on-sale in limited sizes and quantities available
FYI, Spring 2015 is now live, available in both Portland and Los Angeles and online
In due time, they'll release the full color version. It's literally 80% black, navy and grey with a bit of olive and a few pops.... mostly dark tones though. It's one of my absolute favorite collections to date from them.
They shot it tonally because they don't like releasing full collection images so early. Leaves a bit to the imagination and some suspense to see what the full collection of textiles look like.
HI All, First delivery from EG has landed. We've received: 19th Century BD - White 2ply Broadcloth 19th Century BD - Navy Foulard Patchwork Print Driver Jacket - Olive Washer Twill Huntsman Pant - Olive French Twill Fatigue Pant - Khaki 6.5oz Flat Twill Photos will be online this evening As usual, everything is available with free US shipping via phone (503.222.2774) or email (service@woodlandsshop.com) I'll keep you guys updated on new arrivals and...
epic pantalones blow-out sale.
Ordered with the shop buy.
On a more personal note... picked up the Jacquard Pull Over Parka and Long Dayton shirt... two of my favorite new styles that Daiki's produced in a long time. Very dope, fun to wear stuff. Can't wait for the weather to drop so I can actually wear the pull over. I hadn't really figured out how to properly cinch or wear the pull over in that pic so the shape looks a bit weird , but thought I'd post it anyways.
Just got a small second delivery for the LA Woodlands/TG shop with the Olive Gym Pants and Shawl Fair Isle jacket. Both pieces look outstanding. Should be in-store by Monday.
We have this shirt in TG LA and Portland, just didn't put it online. Also, no more Daytons. A few of the Orange Knits left in Portland.
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