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Carhartt Engineered Garments Engineered Garments Wings & Horns Vans
A couple more items showed up.... Banded Collar Pop Over Long shirt in Black Handkerchief and Type 51 Parka in Dk Navy Ripstop I'll let you guys know when pics go online...
I think you should go with a medium. The Large will end up huge.
That chambray one is so good. Black is too easy though. It's much easier to wear than you're assuming.
It's a 60/40 Cotton/Linen blended fabric. Semi transparent in appearance.
Woops! Just added our LA inventory back in. Portland sold out FAST. This is one of my favorite pieces from SS15 and hardly any shops have it in black.Fits TTS. It's extremely lightweight. I've been enjoying the easy layering possibilities with this new piece. Lapel up, it looks like a Dayton shirt and down, it works as a nice lightweight outerwear piece. Extremely versatile.
Some new arrivals have landed: Shop Coat in Black Handkerchief and assorted Long Scarfs
I think we have it in Los Angeles. Give em a ring.
I have some 73 Folk boots from Visvim AND some Yuketen plain toe ripple mocs and they're both splitting like that. Pretty annoying actually.
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