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Hey Everyone, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we'll be having our Grand Opening party on Saturday from 5-9pm with all sorts of specials, including a Tellason Trunk show, the return of the prize wheel, 10% off everything all day, and drink specials at The Wayback, our new bar and patio spot inside Tanner Goods Portland. Hope to see you there!
From the showroom when we did the Fall Winter buy
I'm loving this season. I have a 9oz cone denim field parka on the way and I couldn't' be any more excited to rock that thing soon! It's just insane.... the denim stuff is just so damn good this season.
Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share that the Tanner Goods EG FW16 delivery just started rolling in! We also launched two collaborations this season that you might be interested in. All of the biggest EG fans I know are on Styleforum (myself included) So I'm finally excited to really make this happen for TG and Woodlands last year. Anyways, as usual, all our stuff isn't available for sale online, but you can check it out. We have some different pieces coming down the road...
Official Sample Sale alert for Portland/Seattle/Vancouver B.C. heads:
Hey SF, I did a quick search and didn't come across an official thread for AKOG so I thought I should start one up. Any fans? I find their stuff to be quite amazing. Some of it feels quite like Our Legacy in regards to textile choice, and fit, but with a bit more of a serious tone for good measure. I find the clothes, and collections, to be quite wearable for almost anyone. What do you guys think? Do you have much interest or experience with the brand? A couple images...
Well, this isn't a cool pic. It's more of a joke since I'm wearing it over my pants and it's a myspace angle, but... this will work for now.
yeah, we're working on it. It's not as cheap as you would think.
On that personal tip, I ordered the white combi suit and it's fucking hilarious. Can't wait to bust it out with the white vest and chucks this summer.
Heaps of spring arrivals landed on Friday and should be in Tanner Goods Portland and Los Angeles already including: White banded collar long shirt white floral print bedford broken chambray bedford black twill bdu shorts olive twill ghurka shorts navy khurka shorts
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