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DW, well said You are welcome!
DW, it was not my intention to be rude. What I ment was more like, it is better to use a machine then not to get any orders at all. After all, the "last comes first" and that is the main reason for making bespoke as I understand it. I am glad to know you follow my example Nice looking strap and buckle Jodphurs
DW, "I apologize for the length of this but I didn't intend to pursue this any further--I tried to say everything in one go-round. Bottom line, I believe that there is another way of looking at it..."at least for me." No need to apologize DW, you know I like to read your comments, thanks for your thoughts. I hope you didn't take it as if I was talking for more people then my self in my last posting, o no, far from it, I know there are other ways to look at this. I did...
Yes, Pelle did the making and closing for me during a period of time. Ken and Jimmy K also closed uppers for me.Pelle is back in the orthopeaic shoe trade in Sweden . I am making bespoke shoes/boots and offers courses to students who I introduce to the trade by making a pair of shoes together with them.The reason I used outworkers was that, at least for me, the lenght, hight and width of shoemaking is to much to embrace for one man. Life is to short for most of us to...
It been a while since last time but I thought I jump in here about lastmaking! I am one of those who make the last and makes the shoe without trial shoes or fitings in between. Also, I only take the four measuremet Bengal mentioned about and no imprints. This seems to be the traditional West End way of doing it but not that only, this was also the way we did it in the Swedish orthopedic shop where I learnt the trade as an apprentice. The only difference is that in the...
DW, "And there you are in Jesper's blog burnishing the breast of the heel and the top surface!" Always something new to learn, that is why it is important to meet other makers. Would it be on the net or in the flesh
DW, You are welcome! I would also like to spend some time with the makers you mentioned, it is always inspiring to see the way other make their shoes.
I hope you guys don't mind me jumping in here! DW, thanks for compliments. It was nice to have Jesper in shop.Not often a student has so much forknowledge. He taught me some too The reason why I choose sewing the welt down to heel breast and then peg instead of sewing the waist is becaue I prefer the look of a peged waist. But I also like the look of a bevel waist that is full and for that the welt is needed. You can come close to the upper either way. The wax is...
DW, one way to get rid of the Rendenbach brand stamp is to buy their bends and cut your own soles. I did that when I used RB. Today I am using Garrats, a French tanners, bottom leather which is in my mind of better quallity since it is softer then the rock hard RB. Garrat's precut soles are without brandstamp. Janne
luk-cha what an outporing! It is a joy to see G&G's shoes, don't know if these are bespoke or Decco style. But it doesnt't matter becasue first impression is bespoke. The craftmanship is absolutely stunning. Janne
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