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DW, "And there you are in Jesper's blog burnishing the breast of the heel and the top surface!" Always something new to learn, that is why it is important to meet other makers. Would it be on the net or in the flesh
DW, You are welcome! I would also like to spend some time with the makers you mentioned, it is always inspiring to see the way other make their shoes.
I hope you guys don't mind me jumping in here! DW, thanks for compliments. It was nice to have Jesper in shop.Not often a student has so much forknowledge. He taught me some too The reason why I choose sewing the welt down to heel breast and then peg instead of sewing the waist is becaue I prefer the look of a peged waist. But I also like the look of a bevel waist that is full and for that the welt is needed. You can come close to the upper either way. The wax is...
DW, one way to get rid of the Rendenbach brand stamp is to buy their bends and cut your own soles. I did that when I used RB. Today I am using Garrats, a French tanners, bottom leather which is in my mind of better quallity since it is softer then the rock hard RB. Garrat's precut soles are without brandstamp. Janne
luk-cha what an outporing! It is a joy to see G&G's shoes, don't know if these are bespoke or Decco style. But it doesnt't matter becasue first impression is bespoke. The craftmanship is absolutely stunning. Janne
bengal, yea, to bad but you got a point there. I ask my wife to make some trad swedish meatballs instaed to be on the safe side Hey, welcome to my shop next month
bengal-stripe, last summer we had a feast for one of our US-students and part of the meal was "surströming" which is a traditionally "poor mans" dish. However, today it is in the northen parts an important dish. Anyway, I have never had such fun when I saw the studentd eyes was about to pop out and his body started to make convulsions. So you need to have an experienced Swede near by when trying this the first time. Btw, it is made of fermented herrings from the...
Daniel, welcome on board. Hey, this forum is about to be a great information source for all interested of quallity footwear which is of great value to keep it going. Janne
Marcel, congrats on your new RTW line. The wholecuts looks great, good craftmanship as always. Janne
Bengal-stripe pointed me to thehcc.org forum and there is the files but here's the links for those interested in some real valuable shoehistory on welted footwear. Thank you Bengal http://www.archive.org/details/story_of_shoes_1 http://www.archive.org/details/story_of_shoes_2
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