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One of my last purchases was this jacket that I found on sale, it was down from 499 to 110. Felt like a pretty good deal for a jacket that never tends to go out of style. Wish I had it during december though and not now when it's 85F outside.
Hehe, my bad then. I assumed that it was ok to ask questions about sneakers as well. Seing as they are considered sneakers, and not only runners shoes, at home. Sorry for the wrongful post then.
Please move this question to the relevant thread if I'm out of line here. I'm mostly wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to tell if these shoes are genuine or fake by the pictures. The shoes are currently being sold on Ebay for about $60. Alternativt de svarta
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Hey those are some good looking boots! What kind are the bottom ones, and do you know where I could still get some? I've been looking for a pair like that for super long but havent been able to find any that I really like.
A relaxing sunday outfit for some first spring time weather. LB clothing hat Majestic shirt Levis Blue jeans Leather cons
I really like the Barbour jackets, dressy but still casual. But mostly I like them since they differ from the typical coats/jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toddy My first WAYWN, please ignore the dirty mirror and sorry about the blurry pictures [IM][/IMG] [IM][/IMG] Corpus Casette Playa SFx5EP That jacket looks awesome! What brand/model is that?
Maybe I´m entering the discussion too late, but when you say shoes with no heel. Is this sort of what you mean? The last one sort of has a low heel, but nothing to annoying I think. I like some sort of heel on a nice looking shoe, and I have a pair similair to this one and I don´t even think about the heel.
I was hoping to get some none partial advice on which jacket to get. I´ve been trying to decide for the last two days now, but I´m sort of stuck. I was thinking it should function as a casual jacket during the spring. I sort of like the black jacket due to the collar that´s kind of different, but also the outside fabric which is kind of glossy. But then on the other hand I like the green one as well since it´s a great looking color, and I really like the reversability....
Quote: Originally Posted by T0t I have a pair of Levi 510's ( and people have confirmed that they are raw denim. I haven't washed them since I bought them and I bought them 4 months ago. I want to starch as well as shrink my jeans (they're starting to stretch) but I don't want any fading. I want them to keep the same deep blue color/sheen. Suggestions? I've never starched anything before (but I do...
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