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Posts by steadzo Poor guy, he only has the one pose.
I have the TF jacket and it's amazing. It may be cotton but it's very hard wearing and should last for years. For the Bond fans out there it is the retail version of this...... Uploaded with
This is what you want. Uploaded with
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Practically speaking though, like Georgie, I do find them superfluous if I'm driving or have a driver when the weather is bad. I'll only bother with them during the week, even on the coldest days, if I plan to walk somewhere and the weather is compatible with appropriate shoes. - B Unfortunately when living in the great white north it's a must have. When the mercury drops below -35 ( -31 for you...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeff13007 ...... though because i heard they used vintage fabrics for Daniel Craigs suits. Here is a quote from Louise Frogley, the Costume designer on Quantum of Solace. "I wanted to use "Ëśmohair tonic' for the suits. It is very difficult to find because it is a sixties fabric and I am quite sure Sean Connery would have worn it in at least one of his suits. It is a very strange material but it films beautifully,...
Will you ship to Canada?
Don't forget that Hermes started as a saddle shop, so this kind of makes sense. I'd love to see a few pictures for curiosities sake. Free up!
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen sells from the same inventory as Amazon. Too bad neither of them ship to Canada
Quote: Originally Posted by twon12 Added Loro Piana trousers. What are the rest of the measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji What is a NOS coat? New Old Stock
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