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I'm looking at buying a Cole Haan duffle coat online, but the only size left is a medium. I am normally a 38R in jackets, and can be a small or medium in outerwear. I've read reviews of similar Cole Haan coats on different sites, but there is conflicting opinion on whether these coats fit big or small. Can anyone here offer some insight? Thanks!
These photos make me want to kill myself-- they are that awesome. So much to learn...
Good point about the wash--- it doesn't seem quite right. But I don't really see anyone around in this kind of jean exactly. I see more super-skinny, over-embellished True Religion, or low -riding gangsta' jeans on 20-30 somethings. What if they were a grey flannel instead of denim? I like the idea of that kind of pant with a fine, fitted turtleneck. I also posted this photo and the poll on my Facebook account, and of the 11 people who weighed in 9 (all women) LOVE...
Oh no--- I was worried the "d" word would come up! lol
Thumbing through the September issues of GQ and Details today, I noticed that a lot of ads show blazers/sport coats with their lapels 'popped.' Now I haven't popped a collar since my high school Lacostes back in the day, but I think I like how most of these jackets look worn this way. Opinions?
I just picked up the September GQ today, and on the inside front cover is a gatefold ad for Ralph Lauren Black Label Denim. One of the shots is of some very wide-legged jeans. I think I like how they are styled in that photo (although I think the sweater is about 30% too tight), but the price is a little higher than I expected ($425). Any opinions on these?
I bought them through yoox for $145 (including shipping). I'm also eyeing very similar styles in navy and black that are priced even better ($88 with the lovemydreambox promo code).
Well, almost two months later I finally made the purchase. Thanks for recommending these, Dr. Huh!
I like the Jack Purcells, Common Projects and even the Adidas ones suggested. The canvas Converse are nice but I've always found them hard to keep fresh/clean. I was just browsing YOOX and came across these by C'N'C. A little too logo-ed perhaps, but similar to the suggested styles, no?
Thanks for all the suggestions-- there are at least 3 or 4 here that are pretty much what I was looking for. Now to find them online... (our local men's shoe stores SUCK).
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