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Mark McNairy x Engineered Garments long wing boots from last fall.http://www.selectism.com/news/2010/08/19/mark-mcnairy-for-engineered-garments-long-wing-boots/
Leffot did:http://leffot.com/2011/06/15/navy-suede-longwings/
Thank you sir.
Saw that the FW11 collection is up on the patrikervell.com on-line shop. Does anyone know what kind of shoes the model is wearing in the product shots? Large pic: http://www.patrikervell.com/media/file_4e67ab8157bc3.jpg
Thank you. I hope I can find a pair of these one day...
Could you please tell me what last these are on?
Who is selling the Stephan Schneider hairs pullover?
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW flex welt = water loc sole by a different name, it's just oiled leather. A double water lock is a double sole with the oiled leather, probably looks more rugged in most cases. Both are great for the rain, in fact the regular leather soles are fine for the rain too though some people prefer that they are worn in a bit in dry weather. Thank you for the clarification!
Is a "flex welt" aka "oiled flex leather" sole the same as a "waterloc" sole? Is a "double waterloc" sole different from a waterloc sole? I'm confused, because I've seen Leffot refer to a flex welt sole as a "double water-lock" sole (link), whereas Winn Perry has claimed a "double waterloc" sole is "a stacked version of the soles used in the construction of Alden's flex welt system" (link). If there are single- and double-sole versions of the oiled flex leather...
11% price drop.
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