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Oliver Peoples Reeveshttp://www.oliverpeoples.com/reeves.htmlAlso check out other round Oliver Peoples frames: Emerson, Sheldrake, Riley, O'Malley, Gregory Peck, MP-2.
Some shops sell half sizes. e.g. Aloha Rag has 44.5http://www.aloharag.com/eng/martin-margiela-s37ws0152-g-t-hi-top-chestnut.html
Has anyone tried on the Spitak sweater? It seems really long from the measurements at Au Revoir et Merci and in the pics at La Garçonne it looks like they folded the hem under to make it look shorter.... I'm guessing it's as long as the Kaghak cardigan which is made of the same mohair/nylon/wool blend? (Other colours are available at South Willard and Neighbour (1, 2) - the length measurement is shorter at Neighbour though)
I'm usually a 34 (IT44) and I have a size 36 unstructured blazer from SS11 and a size 36 standard blazer from FW11 that both fit me well. So it's probably advisable to size up.BTW where did you find a size 36 Ervell blazer? The Ervell site didn't seem to carry that size for SS12. I know La Garçonne still has one from FW11 on sale:.http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item.htm?itemid=12270&sid=1153&pid=1153
Those are from the women's collection... (femme = French for woman)http://www.aurevoiretmerci.com/boutique/en/femme/73-stephan-schneider-trousers-wood.html
I contacted them a while back but they were out of my size
Does anyone know of a store that carries the SS12 dress trousers in black? i.e. the lightweight wool trousers with no fly and just a drawstring around the waist. Like these but in black Thanks for any help.
Noctone posted a list in January:A couple of other stores have recently been mentioned in this thread:Au Revoir Et Merci (Paris)Acolyth (Helsinki)and a few others in Japan...
Ah, thank you.
How does one go about ordering from the Antwerp store? I sent an e-mail query to the info@stephanschneider.be address on the SS website a couple of days ago, but I'm not sure if that's the store address and I never heard anything back...
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