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I actively avoid strategy cases when I can -- when I was younger, it was quite different. However, as you get older, two things happen: one, you realize that strategy work is high burn, and that is not sustainable. Two, strategy work is also uncertain from a revenue perspective, while operational work is longer lasting and more cyclical/predictable.
Depends on the firm, really, and the kind of work you do.Sure, there are standard templates and some types of work are all similar (e.g., there are only so many different ways that you can do growth strategy, cost reduction, or PMI). But there are certainly nuances within each industry and within each client, and that's important.
Love the pocket square - who's the maker, if you don't mind me asking?
Not the same, but I believe this is similar: http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/men's-casualwear/men's-knitwear/Navy-notch-collar-layering-cardigan?q=gbpdefault||kh091nav|||||||||||||
DNA strands? A chemical structure?
The cost would really depend on the fabric and your preferences. Most recently, I had two suits made in mid-weight Loro Piana wool, and with about 5 iterations each. The other tailor I've had good (but limited) experience with is Reid and Taylor in New Delhi, but once again, not sure if they have a presence in Hyderabad. And that was almost 8 years ago.
Not sure if there's one in Hyderabad, but I had a few suits tailored at Syed Bawkher in Chennai and they were quite nice. They have a rather eclectic collection of fabrics (English and Italian), usually light and mid weight. Turnaround time is usually a few weeks, but they can usually expedite if necessary. That usually entails a few iterations (2-5, depending on how much time you have). I really enjoyed the experience, and the final product. I have about six suits from...
Those are gorgeous. Who's the maker?
There is a Cuff Link Damage thread with a lot of good posts.
YES! That's the one -- thank you! Much appreciated.
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