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Here's my quick question - what's the deal with Alden Indy boot pricing? Are they really going for $435 new these days (at the Shoe Mart)? They were still $380 not two months ago, and I can't even find some place that has seconds. Is it just a temporary price fluctuation? My only thought is that they're selling at $450 at JCrew, and now the retailers think they can all push up their prices. Not two years ago these things were just over $300 new. I'd really like to get a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ed Sullivan Three addresses are shown. Is the tent sale at the shoe bank store? I believe it is at all three of them. I have only been to the Brookfield tent sale, however. They just take over the parking lot in front of the store and put up a tent.
Nothing wrong with the shoe here. I have almost given up wearing black shoes entirely - I just vary the shade of brown. Best compliment I ever had was while wearing a medium brown shoe that matched the nearly invisible brown pattern on my very dark charcoal suit.
I highly recommend attending. All of the AEs in my closet have come from this sale. Also, if you are diligent, sometimes they have a few pairs of rare models or things that never made it to the website.
The equivalent from Alden is a little more expensive, the straight tip bal, but it's worth a look to see if anyone is selling a pair. Re: Allen Edmonds, I don't think they make the Byron anymore. But I have a pair and wouldn't think twice about wearing them on an interview.
I'm American, Italian heritage, but look more Scandinavian than Italian. I have dated whites and asians, and never really had any cultural issues with either. All of the asians were born and raised in the US, and typically came from areas where they were raised in white-majority neighborhoods, so our cultures growing up were virtually identical. The parents can present some issue as they are usually first-generation immigrants and would rather see their daughter with...
Just wanted to throw these two into the mix. I have both in my collection, and consider them to be the best "starter" watches out there for any number of scenarios, quality/price ratio being one of them. 1) Seiko "Pepsi" diver - automatic, cool bezel, indestructible, and the "jubilee" bracelet pictured is one of the most comfortable metal bracelets that I have ever worn. (The only one that I can think of as better is the bracelet on the Omega Seamaster Bond, and that...
Quote: Originally Posted by athletics This is a very good question. I was surprised to see nearly all the students at a semi-elite MBA school carrying the same generic laptop bag, during a recent visit. These guys must of had some serious school pride, because had the school insignia on it, was very generic and black canvas. I think you can get a nice canvas bag and would prefer the looks of one over a cheap leather bag, just so you can say its made...
I really like that last Coach bag in brown. I have the same model in Navy, and it's held up very well. I wish it was still available, although there are comparable current models.
To belatedly answer your question, yes, there are malls in Schaumburg to the west and Gurnee Mills (regular stores and many outlet stores) is 15 or so miles to the north. But as you've discovered...winter in the Midwest can and usually does suck.
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