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I have used them several times before, but haven't in a while. I find the best way to utilize those daily sites is when they do their special events. Have picked up some very good wines for great prices.
I have purchased all my watches in person at the store, but have recently explored buying online for items that are no longer sold at retail.
Anyone attend? Have purchased all of my watches through them. Looks like a nice event and cool space.
Finally swapped the Jeep for an A6, although I did not opt for the supercharged 3.0, but the pedestrian turbo 2.0. So far really liking this car.
You just wrote my watch bio....except I acquired my Casablanca and my wife's Cintree Curvex, the same way. My AD apparently had an argument with Franck Muller himself and sold all remaining stock at 40% off. So I bought two. Although more than 15 years ago, before TWAT II, I was a naive collector, but had no aspirations of trading the watches in for something else, so I never tested the secondary market.
Although I agree with financing being extremely cheap, the argument of any bank interest offsetting interest cost has long since sailed, unless you are holding some other investment that generates a return. In shopping for a new A6, they offered 1/2% interest on the lease, why not take the "free" funds.
Like the new Michigan/Jumpman tie up. Nice update from the old school Champion t's, and a bit unique with the Jordan brand.
Thanks. I am deciding now if I want new or used, knowing I will sacrifice the Pepsi, since I am not buying the wg new. Kicking tires at a local AD, where I have purchased all my watches from, but they do not have pre-owned.
Looking for a Pepsi, anyone have experience with SwissWatchExpo? What would be a reasonable price to pay for one? I know that is a tough question, but it seems they trade in the $6K range. I am new to the secondary market as I have purchased my Panerai and Franck Muller new from an AD.
Well, kinda. I leased a Jeep and yes people do, along with my Q7, since I don't enjoy car ownership anymore. I would rather give them back in 2-3 years and get another, with no headaches. I leased the Jeep that was recalled over the faulty shifter, and it does truly suck. It is hard to tell when the car is in neutral, reverse or park based on prior experiences driving a car. The recall didn't fix the problem entirely and I will likely come away unscathed in the finance...
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