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@newshoes1 I didn't mean to imply anything but the fact that I wanted a watch with a rubber band that wasn't several thousand, and that the Oris was a not a beater. I have a hard time putting the rubber strap on the Pam 111 and swimming at the pool with the kids. I am gonna pull the trigger on an aquis with a rubber strap. Thanks fellas.
Gentleman, I was looking for a weekend beater with a sub style. I was inspired by the post above of the Oris Aquis. I am also looking at Glycine and trying to keep it around $1,000. Any other suggestions or reports on the already mentioned?
Turn those machines back on.......
Plan Schman...KOP please! So people will stop complaining about the same boring, beautiful, and for many, grail watches you continue to post.
With mlps the best way to own is a broad basket like and etf or mutual fund. They are usually k1 vehicles unless you are going the gp route vs. the lp route. Concentrate on midstream as those are the toll roads. Emlp is a good etf that focuses on growth rather than income and is mainly in the midstream space. Just buy with limit orders at least a half hour into trading.
Are you really building equity in an rapidly depreciating asset, minus the high end sports car market? I was at a Mercedes dealership and there was a 2012 E63 with 39K miles for around $50K. That is some serious depreciation to me. I see it this way, if I buy a used car, drive it for two years and sell it. The spread between purchase price and sale prices covers the upfront cost of the lease and in two years the car goes back, while being fully serviced and under warranty.
I picked up a EuroCave from Costco last year during the holiday sale. Been extremely happy with it as it sits in a basement room with the rest of the liquor lineup. Really quite and consistent on the temperature front.
Aside from inadvertently turning the windshield wipers on to get out of park, I am really enjoying the car. Coming out of a 2011, everything feels nice. The drive is a bit refreshing from the ML, tighter steering and a more responsive throttle. Nothing in the category, almost nothing in the category will be like the V8 of the GL, but the V6 in sport mode moves along nicely. Technology and interior are a huge improvement over Mercedes. Enjoying it so far.
No Lehman handshakes for Pio!
Even though I don't live in Manhattan, 4 of my last 5 cars were purchased there. I find the deals at the "factory" showrooms to beat any local competition.
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