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"He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark."
Maybe 5 years ago. I have to check. It was my daily wear.
Something odd happened yesterday, my automatic Chopard Millie Miglia just stopped while I was wearing it. I have never had a problem with this watch is 15 years, but literally stopped. I have had it serviced before, but not recently. I will bring it to my local AD, but any thoughts as to why it would just stop working?
Congrats on the new acquisition, well done.
Is the bottom watch a Rouchefoucauld?
Initial price was $199, so not to bad from an entry standpoint. I would imagine the is the classic cart/horse debate as they would want to get as many out there as they can, then show vineyards that they have share in hopes they join. Not sure they can go to vineyards now and get much traction, so I think they will discount the unit to improve wine sell through.
Seems interesting, not sure if it will disrupt, but I might bite given my significant others penchant for white and mine for red. http://www.kuvee.com/
Piob,That is true, however having had the MB and currently the Grand Cherokee, I will say that after two months of ownership, I still haven't mastered the Chrysler shifter. The MB one was a wand on the steering column that was intuitive, while the Jeep one is on the console and counter intuitive. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a big recall over this, although not sure what they can really do. Might still be kicking myself for not grabbing a Q5 instead of the Jeep.
During the same college period, a good family friend had a silver 993 turbo, exactly like the one below, as part of a serious collection. While out to dinner one night, I joked how it would be amazing to drive the car home, he flipped me the valet ticket and said "make sure you take the long way". Fun car to drive.
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