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I would soft hedge those with iyt. Cheap insurance.
Yup, went to the local dealership, went over the options and put in the order and deposit. That would have held my spot as they told me basically the first wave of cars would be accounted for. Drove the XC60 as I thought I would get a feel a la ML350 vs. GL350. It really didn't do it for me and being able to drive the Q7, with the tank like feel, I was sold. Plus, not sure I want to be a first owner on a brand new car with tons of tech, reminds me of the days when I had...
I put a deposit down on the XC90, really liked the interior and exterior styling. Ultimately, I pulled the deposit because pricing and driving dynamics are still unknown. Might revisit for the next car, but with the Q7 being built I will wait.
Oh well, driving and upside down bathtub sounds like loads of fun, can't wait.
Had a little holiday dinner last night. Started with Artemis, followed by Prisoner and ending with Peppoli. And the food was decent.
The Windsor Ballet, ah wonderful. I am happy to see Bell's Beer making its way to the east coast. Was able to enjoy some recently. Now we just need Fat Tire this side of the Mississippi
To bad I didn't know about this in college, that was a short trip away. Nothing like those floating casinos and other establishments right across the boarder in Windsor.
Finalized the Q7 this past weekend, but feels strange not driving away in the car. 3 month wait. Been a while since I ordered a car to be built, last was a Jeep Wrangler in college.
Every Audi dealer I shopped, and it was a few, had the RS7 in the showroom. Man that is a nice car, both interior and exterior. My employer gives fleet discounts on Audi and MB, they also in some cases pass that along to clients, but with that the deals are attractive.
They are calling this Espresso, it is a darker brown. Sharp looking with the dark blue. Comes with dark burl wood trim.
New Posts  All Forums: