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just trying to round out my thread post to 675 and that is what came to mind. probably should have posted that in the joke thread.
this thread sucks.
Haven't posted here in a while, but saw a first today. Dual stalls, guy waiting on the corner for one to free up. Forget it! If that was me i would hightail it to the urinal, wash up, leave a hit another floor or wait 10 minutes. There is no way I want to come face to face with the guy who is knowingly hot seating me.
Paloma with patron reposada and fresca. Next time I will use fresh grapefruit juice. Refreshing.
Thanks. bought from Amazon.
After being the scorn of all the interwebz Jeffrey morgenthalers out there, and my inner monologue telling me that gin and lemon and vodka with lime go better together, my attempt at a Moscow mule was successful. I did not like the dark and stormy with goslings and didn't try a London buck. Carry on.
Ain't I the cocktail village idiot and I haven't even had one yet.
Meant the London Gin and Lemon juice, minus out the Maraschino and add Ginger Beer. Same base though.
London Buck looks to be an Aviation without the Maraschino, which I really like as well. Gonna try one of those as well.
A case of Fever Tree Ginger Beer arrived at the house, Moscow Mule and Dark & Stormy here I come. Anyone opine on good ratios for Moscow Mule? 2.5 oz Vodka, 1 lime and ginger beer?
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