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Other costs involved and agreed not so simplistic, but a basic understanding of how the plans work and more or less that is it. The bigger the plan the more assets under management the cheaper the ratios. Economies of scale do work here. Also, not saying one shouldn't keep a 401k but that rolling one 401k to another is a bad idea. Limited and expensive options in 401k as opposed to an ira with etf's or mutual funds.
Usually the provider or employer stick the fees of the plan into the expense ratios, you sometimes see expense ratios of 1.5% or higher. At .70%, it means the employer is paying some offset or the plan is really big. Although worst thing to do is roll one old plan into new plan, should roll out to IRA.
70 bps is pretty good for a mutual fund in a 401(k), means employer is picking up a decent amount of costs. I would pay the fund expenses and depending on age, load up with the risk assets, ie small cap, mid cap etc. SFTBY! NASDAQ risk assets on sale for BABA funds.
SoftBank. Best BABA derivative out there.
That is why I left the LR brand. I had two LR3's, never felt safer in a car than I did in those and took any weather and conditions. However, the service was abysmal, they lied, cheated and stole and I just couldn't take it. I once told the SA that if I wanted to be treated like this I would have bought a Chevy. Much different service experience with MB.
That's the way these brands are making money. They are locked into such a battle to be number 1, they rather take no margin on the cars and make it up everywhere else, at the risk of disappointing customers. Same to me as airlines charging for bags. I had the same brake experience and tire experience with my Mercedes. In the end though, these are 6,500 lb cars that eat through brakes and tires.
My dad recently picked up a G550 from an older woman who barely drove it. Drives like you would expect, a truck. I said many pages back, the visibility is incredible as there are virtually no side pillars on the windshield or no real dashboard. The dash on my GL450 extended for miles, but the G550 you sit real close. He has since swapped out the exhaust and rims for the AMG package for aesthetics. He also recently swapped a 1996 355 spider and a boxster for a 2013 911....
The watch is about 13 years old or so. I am not sure about the movement inside as I have never opened it. I was intrigued by the shape and thought the strap system was pretty cool, making it really easy to change them. Not everyone's cup of tea, but this is when he owned the brand. Don't see them often.
Classic! Couldn't resist.
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