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I believe the locations were Minneapolis, Long Island, Tampa, somewhere in Texas and one other, LA maybe. You also get a discount code for use at the driving school in Birmingham, Atlanta and soon to be LA. It really was a good opportunity to drive a car that I would consider buying, although the one I have put serious consideration into, was one I did not get to drive and that was the Panamera. Will likely schedule a test drive soon.
No idea. My corporate team put this together. They are in the same spot for 3 days and hold two events a day.
Yesterday was great. It is now called the Porsche Destination Drive, across five locations in the US. It was me and two clients. We drove a Cayenne E-Hybrid about 30 minutes to the Autocross track, mostly highway driving in caravan following the Panamera gts driven by an instructor. Thought the hybrid feature was strange and really couldn't get a feel for the car and how it cruises. Didn't seem to have the torque one would think with a hybrid at the low end. After we got...
Not a Porsche only event. This is sponsored by my Corporate team for our clients in conjunction with Porsche. Since this is styleforum after all, what does one wear to such an event. Nice day here in NY.
It seems to be a hybrid event, two "lifestyle" drives, lunch, speaker, autocross follow and hot lap. Regardless, I am really looking forward to it. Although my dad has a current gen 911 and I have driven it, this is a different experience, although unrelated to my dad's ownership. This is a Porsche/Corporate event for clients.
Doing a Porsche sponsored driving event tomorrow. Looking forward to it. They are doing a drive to the autocross location, which is supervised by instructors from the sport driving school. Anyone done one of these? Not sure the car lineup, but should be fun regardless.
Finally selling that here in NY. That is my all time favorite beer, best after a long day on the slopes. Nothing like spinning the wheel at Garfinkles. I digress.
I am drawn in, but my problem is that it will likely compete for wrist time in a crowded space, so relegated to weekend wear. That is where I am questioning the value of it.
Both Seiko's returned, didn't like the strap on the black and gold, and the GMT didn't work correctly. Two ecozillas incoming and a tissot seastar 1000. Might just spring the extra $$$ and hit the Oris Aquis.
I have both Seikos inbound. I will decide, which one I like better and send the other back. Will post what I keep.
New Posts  All Forums: