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My dad recently picked up a G550 from an older woman who barely drove it. Drives like you would expect, a truck. I said many pages back, the visibility is incredible as there are virtually no side pillars on the windshield or no real dashboard. The dash on my GL450 extended for miles, but the G550 you sit real close. He has since swapped out the exhaust and rims for the AMG package for aesthetics. He also recently swapped a 1996 355 spider and a boxster for a 2013 911....
The watch is about 13 years old or so. I am not sure about the movement inside as I have never opened it. I was intrigued by the shape and thought the strap system was pretty cool, making it really easy to change them. Not everyone's cup of tea, but this is when he owned the brand. Don't see them often.
Classic! Couldn't resist.
Another modest contribution, and apologies for crappy cell phone pics. Still haven't mastered the wristie. (lame!)
I see a lot of those in my parts, that is a majestic automobile. Congrats TC!
I was slightly worried about that as well. If I keep with Mercedes I am almost certain they will overlook this, but if I leave the brand that will increase the scrutiny. Depending on when I will turn it in, I could buy another set of used and still be well ahead of the game.
I had to replace the tires on my ML350, with at worst 10 months left on the lease or at best another 5 months and swap out early. Instead of buying four new tires, I went the used route. Same Continental tires that came on the truck, with 75% -80% tread life left for 1/4 the price of the tire bought from tire rack. Let's see if this is a prudent move in the long term as I have zero intent on buying this car.
I agree. The red lettering on that dial does look like pantone Fire Truck red, rather than Crab Red. Fake.
A more meaningful contribution today.
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