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Finally selling that here in NY. That is my all time favorite beer, best after a long day on the slopes. Nothing like spinning the wheel at Garfinkles. I digress.
I am drawn in, but my problem is that it will likely compete for wrist time in a crowded space, so relegated to weekend wear. That is where I am questioning the value of it.
Both Seiko's returned, didn't like the strap on the black and gold, and the GMT didn't work correctly. Two ecozillas incoming and a tissot seastar 1000. Might just spring the extra $$$ and hit the Oris Aquis.
I have both Seikos inbound. I will decide, which one I like better and send the other back. Will post what I keep.
Need some help. Which one to buy? primary use is for the beach and pool to bang around. Any input would be appreciated.
"He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark."
Maybe 5 years ago. I have to check. It was my daily wear.
Something odd happened yesterday, my automatic Chopard Millie Miglia just stopped while I was wearing it. I have never had a problem with this watch is 15 years, but literally stopped. I have had it serviced before, but not recently. I will bring it to my local AD, but any thoughts as to why it would just stop working?
Congrats on the new acquisition, well done.
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