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Aside from inadvertently turning the windshield wipers on to get out of park, I am really enjoying the car. Coming out of a 2011, everything feels nice. The drive is a bit refreshing from the ML, tighter steering and a more responsive throttle. Nothing in the category, almost nothing in the category will be like the V8 of the GL, but the V6 in sport mode moves along nicely. Technology and interior are a huge improvement over Mercedes. Enjoying it so far.
No Lehman handshakes for Pio!
Even though I don't live in Manhattan, 4 of my last 5 cars were purchased there. I find the deals at the "factory" showrooms to beat any local competition.
I picked up the Audi Q7 yesterday. They drive it to a "POD" on the 5th floor of a tall building. They show you the features and walk you through the car, then drive you down a spiral ramp in the middle of the building. They have a slight blue hue, but haven't really checked it at night yet. My dad had a 355 spider, but for all the reasons above swapped it for a 2014 911, because he didn't "care" and could drive it daily, get it serviced where he wanted with less focus on...
Taking delivery of a new car in Manhattan is quite a bit different than TX....
Thanks. That would be my newly built 2015 Q7. I take delivery next week.
New Q7 is stateside, picking up next week.
Clearly I am not good at spotting fakes or older Rolex, cause that Coke looked pretty darn new to me. That is one good looking 15 year old watch.
Then it must have been exclusive to breast wallets.
I thought Hermes changed their official color to a certain shade of green? I do like the looks of the rubber straps on the Rolex, I really should try the rubber on my PAM.
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