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looks like the right sleeve on the suit is slightly longer than the left? i think the left sleeve on the suit seems fine, both shirt sleeves are a tad too short.
Yea, that's exactly the type of tie I was looking for, although I was hoping the brown stripes would be thinner... I'll probably end up buying this one if I can't find a more suitable alternative I'm also looking one in the same shade blue background, with white-outlined and brown-filled dots, in case you have any plans to make any ties in the future
Quote: Originally Posted by don_andomo That's funny . . . graduates of those "safeties" get jobs at Wall Street firms as ASSOCIATES, not ANALYSTS. You're just an analyst bitch (at a commercial bank!) pretending to be an HBS grad. I graduated from HBS as part of a 3-degree-joint-degree program in which I was enrolled. Eventually dropped the third degree and went to work directly after my MBA. Since I had no work experience and was only 23, I...
Thanks, I'm paying right in that price range.
Can someone tell me the pros/cons of each? Thanks,
I want a tie with a baby blue base and brown detailing... either wide baby blue stripes with asymmetrical stripes in shades of brown or baby blue with brown-outlined dots... any idea where I can get a tie in this color combination or recommend a custom tie maker who might have this type of material? thanks,
HBS grad here... I agree with most of what WHY4009 said, but I will say something else... IF your only goal in getting an MBA is to get into banking/consulting/PE/VC/HF then you absolutely must go to, at very least, an M7. The MBA isn't about the education, it's about 1.) the network and 2.) the pedigree. In fact, in my Wall St. sheltered world, only Harvard and Stanford are considered formidable programs, Wharton is considered a decent step down, and Columbia,...
Yes re: Tufts... ended up doing HBS MBA and Wall Street... and we all know how well that decision has played out ha...
I was supposed to do a joint-degree at Fletcher out of undergrad... I didn't like the school very much and withdrew from the program. Granted, I didn't really need a MALD for my job and my interests aren't gov't work, so I really had no business being there in the first place.
Quote: Originally Posted by redgrail I would probably put SFS in there and call those four the top tier of IR MAs. And how would these 4 rank?
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