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Think you're on the right path looking for something in #8, seems you could stand some wingtips or longwings as well. Cordovan shell longwings would fit nicely in your collection. Be careful on the boots, probably want to make sure you get commando or vibram soles, but if to be used for snow probably need something sturdier than a dress boot.
As you will be entering an MBA program I'd recommend Vanguard TSM and buy a g shock with the remainder.
Same issue, went with a 1" belt, awful, if you're 5'3 or less maybe, but 1" is tiny, 1.25 is much more aesthetically pleasing.
Why isn't this a sticky?
What happened to the stickies?
Brutal on an iPad, going to a single vertical column would help
Nordstrom Rack? I'm not sure if it's mainline but I noticed a number of Tumi bags there.
Fyi, BB has a burgundy belt with nickel hardware...
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