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No news of my order whatsoever. Has everybody received shipping confirmations already?
I bought this pair of Santoni chukkas at Milord in Firenze a couple of years ago and never got to wear them much, as the pictures will demonstrate. In total, I would say I wore them less than 15 times. Very sleek last, superb with casual clothing, works well with suits or sports coats too for a more Italian touch (to quote the salesman at Milord). They are in great condition, with the soles showing some wear, but impeccable otherwise. No stains, scratches or anything....
I don't think it gets more "traditional business attire" than that: JL and Pantharella
Glad you liked it. Good luck!
15 days to drop price by $45. Less than one month from now, this tie will be free.
My collection of ties has again grown to unmanageable proportions - to make room for future acquisitions, I am selling a couple of those I never wear. All ties listed are in pristine condition: no marks, no signs of tear, no defect unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to request specific pictures or information if needed. Payment via PayPal only, buyer pays for PayPal fees. Shipping at cost: standard w/o tracking - EU 10 EUR, USA 12 EUR, rest of the world 15 EUR....
I would go for the college tie, no matter how ugly you think it is (but assuming it's still kind of decent obviously).
This thread is going nowhere. Some people should read my original post and the title of the thread: "confused as to what to do". It wasn't a matter of asking premier service. It was merely about making sure I wasn't leaving $500 out in the blue. I'm happy to hear that for some people here this is petty money - truth is, for me, it's not. It also wasn't about complaining it took 14 days to get the shoes to my door. I've bought from international sellers as much as...
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood In business there are some customers you do not need. They want everything yesterday, Rolls-Royce quality, at Salvation Army prices and then they are slow to pay. You learn not to deal with them. You're right. $500 for used shoes is really a Salvation Army price. And paying 10 mins after the sale is confirmed is being slow to pay. Thanks for your contribution.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos The OP is the worst sort of buyer - a tool with an itchy trigger finger. Some years ago he got all antsy with me via PM and threatened to drop a sale he had agreed to because he thought I was trying to game him by running some sort of real-time auction via PMs for an item when I sent multiple replies to multiple offers from multiple people and replied late to a PM of his or something like that... ...riiight....
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