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Considering Hermes is a Parisian company I would suspect those chopsticks are fake. Hermes launched a Chinese fashion house for uniquely Chinese things named Shang Xia, if they made any chopsticks it would be under that name.
I've complimented guys on their clothes before and have had a generally positive response, I've never had anyone think it was weird. I find I do compliment girls on their dress more often though, they generally go to greater lengths to look good and it shows.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - ummm.. HK is in the northern hemisphere LO I completely forgot that temperature works on the which side of the hemisphere you're on and how close you are to the equator (which was taught to me back in primary school). I got mixed up with timezones. I'll admit I'm pretty embarrassed right now, at least I was right about your attire looking fantastic.
PG you can really see the navy in those shoes, they look great, as does your green bag. In truth I find it difficult to fault what you are wearing today, it's great for a sunny day. I'm surprised it's so warm over there considering how close most of Asia is to Australia (it's winter in Australia right now).
I would not get them as my 'main pair of dress shoes' but rather as something eccentric that I would wear from time to time. My 'main pair' would probably be a more conservative shoe than that one.
C&J sell belts too, so if you have difficulty finding a match just get a C&J one, although admittedly I know little about the quality of their belts.
I could be wrong (I haven't seen the post you are quoting so I don't know the context), but that sounds like it was meant as a throwaway comment, not a letter of the law.
Is it really that hard to tie a smaller knot? It costs you nothing to tie your tie properly and it would make such an improvement to your look.
Living in Australia I haven't seen their suits first hand but Banana Republic seems to have quite nice looking suits for the price.
neyus and Journeyman I really appreciate your summaries of Brisbane's assortment of alteration shops. Any information on anything to do with dressing right in Brisbane is an absolute God send. I can't thank you guys enough.
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