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For God's sake, don't forget the pipe.
Quote: Originally Posted by pdial You wore that to Disneyland? +1
A tie always takes it to a whole new level for some reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley one. Anyhow, I did not get much of reaction from anyone. The only person who commented at all was one of my kids as I was on the way out the door this morning who asked why I was wearing a "suit." I took the opportunity to educate him about the difference between a suit and a blazer and then left. I've been surprised how often even adults will mention my wearing a suit when I'm only wearing a...
I love vents still closed with the white manufacturer's stitching. Saw it at a funeral recently.
I wear a suit almost every day and I teach in an elementary public school setting in the midwest. The kids I work with don't notice; there are no other male classroom teachers in my school so my clothing can't really be compared to another teacher. If you're in jr/sr high I'm sure that will be different. To be fair, my jacket is off a good portion of the day unless I'm cold. Go for it and have fun, just be prepared for a lot of comments at first.
My grandfather's Elgin pocket watch. Between that and my cell phone I'm fine.
I picked up a lighter charcoal SB 2B Hickey Freeman suit at a local charity shop for $2.50. The pants were perfect and the jacket is in the shop for some minor touch-ups. The front pockets were still sewed shut. I must be a pretty average size because I tend to have good luck finding good fits at thrift stores. Or I'm not picky enough. Ryan
I've only begun paying real attention to dress in the last year or so, but I don't recall every seeing anyone around town in a double-breasted suit or jacket. Maybe it's being in a college town which is pretty dressed-down all around, I don't know. Ryan
I had the OP's notion myself about a year ago. I started reading up on suits and after New Year's resolved to wear a coat and tie everyday. I'm an elementary school teacher so this brought a lot of comments the first couple weeks, now everyone is used to it and I get comments if I don't wear a tie. However, the two roadblocks to the "every day" goal were weekends when I spend most of my time doing house cleaning, maintenance, and yard work and then summer vacation when...
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