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Across the world, looking beautiful is just one of many reasons why people wear particular clothes; there are other motives at play, such as to look rich, to look well connected, to look tough, to look “in,” to earn membership in an elite group etc etc. I don't think these brands represent an 'alternative' path to beauty but rather try to tap into these other drives that we have.
Looks like a nice shoe but I'd get a laced version.. The problem with Velcro is that it's used by two groups of people; toddlers and older folks with neurological damage..
They use several denim qualities for each cut, ie selvage, non-selvage, 98% cotton etc, and there are different variations of the rise on the same cut too iirc. The jeans you bought might have been from different seasons as well. To me it sounds really unlikely that the exact same items are made to different specs for their boutiques.Fwiw, I have two pairs of the 17,5cm cut with and without selvage and they are very different, with the selvage being a lot larger sized and...
Seems like they even have a "old" YSL by Hedi item too, judging by the label. Must have been in storage for 13 years or so.. Yoox really posts some unlikely stuff from time to time.. http://www.yoox.com/no/49136028OX/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=49136028OX&sizeId=
The sneakers fit a lot like CP ime.
The problem with some of these brands (at least Acne & Filippa K which I have most experience with) is that the quality can be *really* hit and miss at times (most of it made in Turkey, China, Portugal et al, and I really doubt they use the best factories in these countries..), so I really see these brands as high end fast fashion, rather than something really original and truly exciting. Most of it is really wearable though, and I cherish a few pieces that I've bought...
Hmm I feel their responses are as automat like as ever. I recently received a jacket from a different brand than what I ordered (it should have been Helmut Lang, but was actually a Chinese counterfeit brand named "Helmut-L"), so i sent them a message with a photo of the label tag, and this was their reply:After no less than 6 messages back and forth I got all my money back though.
CP size.
Hmm I think the 100% cotton 17,5 raws is a great jean, both in terms of fit and quality. Neither the denim or any other details seem any inferior to DH mijs IMHO.
Kids probably have innate tendencies to obsess about what other people--especially the more socially and sexually attractive members (but NOT one's parents!)--think is "cool", but exactly what's cool depends on the culture..So if you grow up in a society where memorizing long passages of the Qur'an gives you high status, then that's what you'll learn to do; if you grow up in a culture where it's all about having lots of friends on Facebook, or higher "hotness" ratings on...
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