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Trend-setters wearing cheap looking clothes is indeed an interesting form of conspicuous consumption long known in sociology: Members of upper classes adopt the styles of lower classes to differentiate themselves from middle classes, who wouldn’t be caught dead in lower-class styles because they’re the ones in danger of being mistaken for them.The middle classes then start to copy the trend-setters since the media and the merchandisers learn to market each new wave more...
The leather is really fragile and tears up quickly, while the sl01 are more robust ime.
I have a lot of Hedi era DH (2003 and onwards) and I can assure you SLP is no inferior.
How do you clean the silk shirt? Wash or dry clean?
I see what you're saying, and the stylistic direction is a matter of taste, of course, but I think it's safe to say Hedi has full control of the line since he has basically rebooted YSL completely, even on the distribution side since he personally redesigned all the stores across the world. Like his first YSL collections in '00 a lot of the clothes are cut in an uncompromising way, rather than to fly of the shelves.. One really needs the perfect body shape to look good in...
I wouldn't say that slp is low quality. The choice of fabrics, and where they're sourced (some impeccable silks, cashmere from Scotland, denim from Japan etc) is quite different from what other brands do these days. They've released some remarkable footwear for a fashion brand, and the overall attention to details etc suggest that Hedi still has strict control of the line like in the old days at DH imho.I don't have much experience with their bags, though, but at least the...
I take one lower in SLP than MMM
The problem with terms like cisgender is that they are a trap for people who aren't interested in, or up to speed on, the latest feminist jargon so that they can be accused of prejudice, even though they have no prejudiced bone in their body. To wrongly accuse people of joyfully trivializing suffering surely isn't helping the cause of transgendered people.
It seems SLP is only available in certain markets.. Less competition over the pieces for Europeans I guess
Yoox has them in sz 41.. seems they're sold out..
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