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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 hehe, hehe, he said booby..
Another closet cleaning of maximum proportions! All items are mine and were purchased by me. All have been worn and are in MINT condition. Prices include shipping in CONUS (extra for Canada) and are set for speedy sales. Suits $4995 100% Pure Cashmere MTM 3 Piece Isaia suit (40R) in an incredible soft and plush charcoal gray flannel. Slim base V model. 3 to 2 button closure with side vents, working button holes. Vest is a 5 button front with a back strap...
Quote: Originally Posted by DukesofStratosphear XTC (see avatar) before Andy Partridge had a mental breakdown and called time on touring forever. Saw them on the Black Sea tour in 1981 and it was great, but Partridge was noticeably uncomfortable on stage even then.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Damnit...I want you on my posse. - B Fok...if you please...
Can a fairy be a goon?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Pink A couple quick questions for you: when I spoke with Patrick he noted that mohair doesn't stretch the way wool does, so clients would sometime complain or want things to be cut a bit looser. Have you had any issue with this? Also, have you traveled with these suits? How do they do? Mohair, by nature, is a stiffer cloth than a typical worsted or woolen. That is the nature of the cloth so if you if you...
Saks had scads of the Beaufort on sale for $200 during their consolidation sale.
I have two suits made in up in Cape Kid, one a navy solid and the second in a mid-gray with a subtle blue pinstripe. I quite like the cloth and heartily recommend it.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman If there was no CE, maybe I would still have my e-BFF. I think you're over dramatizing...a love once born etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton This discussion of who gets to say what is the dumbest conversation in the history of dumb. You are underestimating the dumbness that can be found here. Just wait, I'm sure something will surpass this anytime now.
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