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I own this exact model and it is one of my favorites. The Shoe Fairy wholeheartedly endorses this sale!
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I just recieved my size 38 NOS. Threw one on and headed out. I love it thus far...surprisingly warm for the weight. Super warm, I agree. I just love the fit, almost bespoke-like.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I am going get one later this year. Need more shetlands What color(s) do you have? I got these 5 from O'Connel's: blue danube heathered oatmel charcoal dirt (my favorite name) lagoon green I have these 3 from J.Press mauve purple persimmon navy
The J. Press are Shaggy Dogs are nice but a compeltely different look. They take fuzzy to a whole other level.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Oconnells is a great shop, they have excellent customer service. Did you consider trying out their newer shetlands? They have new ones for the same price as well. They are excellent too ... Agree on both accounts. All 5 of mine are new ones and the fit and quality is perfection!
I have a fairly low tolerance for itchy wool as well and did not have any problems with the O'Connell's shetlands. I did wear a Black Fleece buttondown underneath, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I list 2 prices on every sales thread. I absolutely commend this approach but is clearly not the standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by dave5 I agree much of it is about the 3%, but I suspect it is not the high minded principle of not wanting paypal to get it. I agree with Aportnoy that it is generally a way for seller's to get an extra 3%. I have not done any kind of survey, scientific or otherwise, but it does not seem to me that sellers insisting on personal payments are not offering better prices than sellers who take regular business paypal. I do...
10% Price reductions across the board....
Quote: Originally Posted by jamaican I wonder if you could let me know why the GG06 last is described as "new". Have G&G redesigned the original GG06 last? I was under the impression that there have not been any new MTO/RTW lasts launched since the original line up of 5 (GG06, DG70, MH71, TG73 and KN14)lasts. Let me know. Beautiful shoes by the way. J My understanding was that it had been tweaked to make it a less agressive, more classic...
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