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Stuart's Choice wool/cashmere Saint Andrews suit now only $275 shipped...
Barksdale runs tight as hell! You will need to go up by at least 1/2 size.
Does Kiton make office pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Do RLPL EGs on the 888 fit tts, i.e. would the 8.5/9D fit tts for a US9D or would an 8/8.5 be better? Like with all EGs, you would want the 8.5/9.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles I thought we already deduced that this was wrong? ^^^ ummm...ok. Thank you sir! but seriously, what is the difference? lastly, Its hard for me to belive that this thread was started and is surviving. Guys, aren't we all pretty reasonable folks? Don't we have at least some sense of community/camaraderie? Can't we work most things out relating to a specific sale mano a mano without...
10% off Remaining Suits
15% Proce Drops now in effect...
I own this exact model and it is one of my favorites. The Shoe Fairy wholeheartedly endorses this sale!
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I just recieved my size 38 NOS. Threw one on and headed out. I love it thus far...surprisingly warm for the weight. Super warm, I agree. I just love the fit, almost bespoke-like.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I am going get one later this year. Need more shetlands What color(s) do you have? I got these 5 from O'Connel's: blue danube heathered oatmel charcoal dirt (my favorite name) lagoon green I have these 3 from J.Press mauve purple persimmon navy
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