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Quote: Originally Posted by ralphandricky1967 Did Paul Chang make you a jacket? If so, I am sure it's gorgeous! Chris Despos made me a polo coat from Harrison's camel hair that is perfection.
Definitely the real deal. I have the same gray shearling made up in a RLPL shorter jacket. IIRC, they offered this particular hide about 2, maybe 3 years ago.
Somewhere around 300, I would think.
Love this coat and it's a great deal. If a certain Chicago tailor didn't just make one for me, I'd be all over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott Hill I think the ensemble in look #1 is truly beautiful. The gray glen plaid DB suit with the blue windowpane is classic but with a nice flair. The large scarf.. creates a great "pop color" to an otherwise simple ensemble. The larger scarf is perfect! . The city wrap creates a very casual ; non contrived element that actually functions on a chilly day.. when a top coat is not necessary. The higher wrap of the "city...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Shoes. Thanks, I'm less confused now.
Remind me what this thread is about.
Wear them all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Masturbation implies the presence of a sexual organ, you do the math.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarquisMagic Seriously, is there a point where one has "enough" let alone "too much?" No.
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