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Very nice indeed, just unbutton that bottom button of the vest and you'll be set.
400 new ties due in the shop within the next week or two....
The Paul Stuart sale is also in full swing. On Monday there were some nice Drakes shantung ties for $70 and some great shealrings too, thought they are a bit more! If you are not in NYC, their website also has the sale going.
Yes on Madison Ave.
Yes Costa Mesa, not SF...my mistake.
I may obtuse but you are a bespoke hack who will float whichever way the wind blows to feel relevant. I think you should try another hundred tailors (I'm sure you have missed a few in Africa) as you have only scratched the surface of what continues to be a legendary crusade. Soldier on Don Quixote there are more windmills for you to conquer.
Another worthless post drawn from a seemingly endless supply. Oh, that's right you have tried everyone in the world which makes you super special.
There is also a Lobb store in San Francisco which is having the same sale, if that's somehow more convenient.
OK. I hope folks continue to order from these types of operations as it provides hours of comic relief when they go ape-shit about it.
Jeez...no I consider working with offshore and/or largely unknown tailors (hyped by high ranking SFers or not) a total crap shoot. And as long as SFers continue to engage in these activities there will be much disappointment. That is all.
New Posts  All Forums: