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OK. I hope folks continue to order from these types of operations as it provides hours of comic relief when they go ape-shit about it.
Jeez...no I consider working with offshore and/or largely unknown tailors (hyped by high ranking SFers or not) a total crap shoot. And as long as SFers continue to engage in these activities there will be much disappointment. That is all.
Not placing blame or saying it's the same situation, just saying that quite often I have seen these types of engagements end in disappointment.Sorry if you guys don't see a trend.
While clearly differing circumstances than with Salvatore, yet another example of things gone wrong with a small, offshore tailor... http://www.styleforum.net/t/373162/finollo-shirt-and-tie-maker-genoa-italy#post_6800957
They have a few pairs of the Chambord II shoe in dark oak but at not quite as generous a discount as the boot.
The John Lobb sale started yesterday at the Madison Avenue store.... Amongst the best buys are Chambord II boots in multiple hides reduced from $1695 to $678.
The John Lobb sale started yesterday.... Amongst the best buys are Chambord II boots in multiple hides reduced from $1695 to $678.
I am fairly long legged so my sense is my torso is smaller but I can't say I've ever measured or would even know how!
No worries, you can ask me anything.I do wear a higher rise, braced trouser so the length is not an issue. FWIW, Geneva cuts their shirts quite similarly to Inglese so for me, it was an easy and natural transition.
Interesting thoughts on the fit of the Inglese shirts. I am by no means slight and am fairly broad and square-shouldered and the Inglese size 15.75 shirt fits me wonderfully. They are trim but not aggressively so.
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