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Hey. Gnatty...great to see you back. !
Agreed! Have them in a few colors including burgundy shell which is killer.
The cloths I went with can be used as a two piece or you can definitely wear the coat as a stand alone odd jacket and probably get away with the bottoms as odd trousers too.
I have two Allsport suits that were form the first round of the Solito/Ambrosi partnership. They are great but are heavy as can be and only for the chilliest of days. Very cool cloth though!
Thanks Trini and Clag! (will definitely take a look and let you know)
Is there a link to buy the ties? They are killer.
Adderley is a city boot and trying to country it up would be doing it a disservice!
With Drakes ties about ~$60/each at Bergdorfs and Barneys right now, don't know how motivated I would be to deal with the mania of this sale. They also have an excellent selection of Drakes scarves at attractive prices!
Very nice example, indeed!
I have issues with heavy tweeds being too thick to properly cuff. Also if the trouser narrows too much at the bottom cuffing can be difficult and unsightly.
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