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Add me to the 230 zip club and the v neck in the 224 tweed.
A dark brown Carmina full brogue. I will try to dig up a photo.
Great minds! The 13oz mid grey Lesser is one of my all time favorites.
Or sharkskin.
It's a light blue pinpoint oxford cloth.
Yup, dark brown flannel with camel pinstripe.
What can I say, I guess I'm a farmer!
I agree that EG crup is the bomb...My Arlington came out particularly well, methinks!
After making up a brown fresco suit I have to agree with Mafoo. I find it neither fish nor foul and somewhat incongruous to wear in the summer given the reasons outlined above. Same goes for heavier weight fresco suits which I also have a few of and rarely wear as they were meant to be summer suits but wear too damn hot.
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