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A dark brown Carmina full brogue. I will try to dig up a photo.
Great minds! The 13oz mid grey Lesser is one of my all time favorites.
Or sharkskin.
It's a light blue pinpoint oxford cloth.
Yup, dark brown flannel with camel pinstripe.
What can I say, I guess I'm a farmer!
I agree that EG crup is the bomb...My Arlington came out particularly well, methinks!
After making up a brown fresco suit I have to agree with Mafoo. I find it neither fish nor foul and somewhat incongruous to wear in the summer given the reasons outlined above. Same goes for heavier weight fresco suits which I also have a few of and rarely wear as they were meant to be summer suits but wear too damn hot.
First shoe on the left and also one of Ecton on 888, Dover's cousin....
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