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IIRC it's from Barneys and a year or two old but I'm not certain.
Thanks!Drakes wool challis worn inside out as to be more muted.
Will take some snaps this weekend and post here. The best I can describe the color is as a greyish green. I'm a big fan.
I've got suit made up in the Carlo Barbera for Lesser donkey flannel that I'd be happy to share photos of for comparison purposes if that would be helpful?
Totally agree here. My favorite is the Fox 17oz which is ideal for NYC late fall and winter. Have one lighter weight Golden Bale which in retrospect I would pass on now even thought he cloth is amazing, it just doesn't hold its shape.
I agree Doc. I find I wear my shell penny loafers the most as I favor them to be on "beat-up" looking side.I've also found that the break-in time for shell (boots in particular) is intolerably long.
Add me to the 230 zip club and the v neck in the 224 tweed.
A dark brown Carmina full brogue. I will try to dig up a photo.
Great minds! The 13oz mid grey Lesser is one of my all time favorites.
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