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Is there a link to buy the ties? They are killer.
Adderley is a city boot and trying to country it up would be doing it a disservice!
With Drakes ties about ~$60/each at Bergdorfs and Barneys right now, don't know how motivated I would be to deal with the mania of this sale. They also have an excellent selection of Drakes scarves at attractive prices!
Very nice example, indeed!
I have issues with heavy tweeds being too thick to properly cuff. Also if the trouser narrows too much at the bottom cuffing can be difficult and unsightly.
The no cuffs approach works well with your preferred choice of footwear, Doc.
Exactly the same here. To my eye my trousers seem unfinished without cuffs and I like the way the extra weight makes the them sit at the top of my shoe.I believe this is the 1,832nd time Style Forum has taken up this topic.
Perhaps for a lifetime David!
Left to right888, 606, 82, 202, 32
Thanks for the kind words!Heather gorse is wonderful, just be prepared for a lengthy break-in period. Left to right is dark oak, coffee suede, edwardian, chestnut and heather gorse.
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