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If you have access to a Brooks Brothers' corporate discount card, you can get 15% off the Alden shies they carry.
Anything with the Rothschild and Mondovi monikers will be sold at a hefty premium. That said, I have enjoyed several vintages but have not cellared it.
We are serving the 2013 Paul Lato Belle du Jour Chardonnay and the 2007 Chateau Rayas Chateauneuf with dinner and a 2011 Guiraud Sauternes with dessert. A Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Agree with this 100% and have the same experience.
My experience with The Cameraman is TTS. I don't have one from FW15 but the other 2-3 I have all run TTS.
Caliroots 30% off most everything. No code required.
Superdemin has a code going, 15% or 20%. They have a great selection, too.
Paul Stuart is worth a shot.
Number Six London 30% with Loyalty30
Amazing shoes at a great price. Someone needs to jump on these, fast.
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