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Thanks my friend...hope you enjoy your visit. Good luck at Formosa!Please say hi next time!
Ask them to remake it, sounds like a bizarre placement for the seam. I need to check my shoes to see if they did something likewise but it seems unlikely. I have been a Cleverley customer for quite a while and they have always been wonderful about addressing any issues.
Pliny, agree with Manton that you see this all the time in Italy. I also think this pattern falls on the dressier side for an odd jacket so the neat tie is workable.
Yes, that is lovely.
^^^nice choice on the tobacco suede!!
Thanks! Seriously could kop just about every NMWA tie offered.
Many thanks for the kind words!Yes, Maestro Despos is in Chicago but also makes frequent visits to Dallas and significantly less frequent visits to NYC.
Looks good...the footwear choice in this case is spot-on!
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