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Superdemin has a code going, 15% or 20%. They have a great selection, too.
Paul Stuart is worth a shot.
Number Six London 30% with Loyalty30
Amazing shoes at a great price. Someone needs to jump on these, fast.
Incoming PM...
Not sure if there's a herringbone in there, but the the Harrison's camel hair overcoat fabric is amazing. I have traditional polo coat in that cloth which is killer.
You will not be disappointed. Truly one of my favorite cloths. Crescent pockets sound intersteing. Would also make up as a killer 3 piece.
A killer cloth, indeed. Have you made yours up yet?
Thanks for the props on the tie G!Yup, #308. The medium spaced worked best for me as the wide was great but not workplace friendly and the narrow lost some of the chalk stripe allure.
Minnis mid-grey flannel for purposes of comparison. I have the navy too which is equally awesome:slayer:
New Posts  All Forums: