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Number Six London 30% with Loyalty30
Amazing shoes at a great price. Someone needs to jump on these, fast.
Incoming PM...
Not sure if there's a herringbone in there, but the the Harrison's camel hair overcoat fabric is amazing. I have traditional polo coat in that cloth which is killer.
You will not be disappointed. Truly one of my favorite cloths. Crescent pockets sound intersteing. Would also make up as a killer 3 piece.
A killer cloth, indeed. Have you made yours up yet?
Thanks for the props on the tie G!Yup, #308. The medium spaced worked best for me as the wide was great but not workplace friendly and the narrow lost some of the chalk stripe allure.
Minnis mid-grey flannel for purposes of comparison. I have the navy too which is equally awesome:slayer:
For those old enough to remember it....Vass pricing...,Paging Andrew Harris and Gabor FWIW, Greg's prices combined with service are just about unbeatable. And yes, it is a douchy move to bring this up in a sponsored thread. Start your own thread and have at it.
If you have access to, Kamakura or Paul Stuart, they both have an excellent selection of wool squares. Kamakura's are particularly well-priced.
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