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No...But, dry clean judiciously and excessive perspiration can lead to issues.
Love my Agnelli, too! URL=][/URL]
I have multiple coats that are lined in flannel, both wool and cashmere, and that works quite well. Alpaca is also a great liner material.
Clearly much depends on ones climate and personal temperature tolerance.I wish the Smith's was more wearable or that I got darker shades and could use it in the early spring and fall. Alas, I ended up doing tans and olives thinking that fresco = summer. Live and learn.
Thanks, I realize that they come in a range of weights.The nice colors were what initially drew me to the Simth's. Was simply saying that the heavier weight Smith's fresco (and others, I would assume) wears quite warm and that all frescos are not equal in that respect.
Agreed, save the heavier weight frescos such as Smith's Finmeresco which I find wears very warm. With 20/20 hindsight, the few heavier frescos I have are the only cloths I regret having made up.
I liked the Edmind St John that I've had, though it's been a while.
Greg, just sent you an email. Please take a look and get back to me when you can. Thanks, Andrew
Had two bottles of 2013 Domaine Saint Prefert "Charles Giraud" Chateauneuf-du-Pape at BLT Steak last night and it was rockin'!! Gotta find some to cellar.
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