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Btw, the Formosa suits are looking amazing. That P&B is particularly awesome!!:
Unless you are looking for something fashion-oriented, I suggest Paul Stuart for a tux shirt. They always have an excellent selection.
Albert Thurston makes great braces both formal and everyday.
I have a half dozen bespoke suits form this book including the navy nail head and I can wear them in NYC 8-9 months of the year.
Definitely still available AFAIK. NMWA offered a Formosa suit or two from the book so I gotta believe you can still get it.Also agree 100% with GC that you won't notice any tangible difference between 12 and 13oz cloths.
No experience with the H&S cloth...Don't know how your internal thermometer runs, but in that weight range, the 13oz Lesser is far and away my favorite book.
For '83, besides Chateau Margaux, other wines from the appellation that I have had recently and are still killer are Palmer and Cantemerle. Some '83 Pomerols are also still showing quite well, L'Evangile in particular.
Greg... Happy holidays. Sent you an email/PM. AP
.Thanks! They are Edward Green Southwolds in burgundy antique on the 888 last.
Many thanks. Yes, Despos.
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