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.Thanks! They are Edward Green Southwolds in burgundy antique on the 888 last.
Many thanks. Yes, Despos.
No...But, dry clean judiciously and excessive perspiration can lead to issues.
Love my Agnelli, too! URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/oq5g.jpg/][/URL]
I have multiple coats that are lined in flannel, both wool and cashmere, and that works quite well. Alpaca is also a great liner material.
Clearly much depends on ones climate and personal temperature tolerance.I wish the Smith's was more wearable or that I got darker shades and could use it in the early spring and fall. Alas, I ended up doing tans and olives thinking that fresco = summer. Live and learn.
Thanks, I realize that they come in a range of weights.The nice colors were what initially drew me to the Simth's. Was simply saying that the heavier weight Smith's fresco (and others, I would assume) wears quite warm and that all frescos are not equal in that respect.
Agreed, save the heavier weight frescos such as Smith's Finmeresco which I find wears very warm. With 20/20 hindsight, the few heavier frescos I have are the only cloths I regret having made up.
I liked the Edmind St John that I've had, though it's been a while.
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