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Being sold at Saks as camel and wool, too.
Grey is the safe choice, but the olive is the best and the one I would make up.
This is then best I have....apologies in advance for the quality.
Yes. please feel free to use whatever you like.
Thanks! It's the navy Lesser 13oz birdseye. An all time great cloth, IMHO.
Yes, I am hopeless at the selfie thing. The last is a suit, it's the LL Agnelli tweed. As for makers, all Despos, save the navy w/grey rope stripe which Raphael made.
Can't say this is definitive, but here's a go at it
Save for the Agnelli tweed, all the LL cloths I have had made up were for odd jackets where I don't mind the weight. I never could get my mind around using the cloth for suiting with most of my time spent in overheated buildings.
Paola has made a half dozen shoe/ boots for me and I am happy to answer questions anyone has regarding him or his products.
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