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No, it's this one. Sorry for the weird, cached link but I can't access the page any other way now.
Got my Hudson 40L jacket yesterday. I think the OTR fit is pretty good. Could do with slightly more room in the waist, though. Thoughts?
I PMed you.
Why post this in the Suit Supply thread?
I would hem those pants substantially. Looks good otherwise.
The lack of contrast in your pictures makes it hard to tell exactly where the jacket ends, but from what I can see, it is slightly on the long side but far from "too long."
I will try to do it later. The fabric is rather heavy and has a lot of texture to it. Great for use as a sports coat and very nice quality. Definitely not worsted as for some reason I had assumed when I made the purchase.
The Napoli and Washington are on opposite ends of the spectrum of SS fits, so that's unlikely.
The back is actually fine. I was rolling my shoulders forward in this picture a bit, which I think made it look tighter than it is.
Flannel glen plaid in the Lazio fit. Not sure if a 40R is too short for me, though. Thoughts?
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