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The lack of contrast in your pictures makes it hard to tell exactly where the jacket ends, but from what I can see, it is slightly on the long side but far from "too long."
I will try to do it later. The fabric is rather heavy and has a lot of texture to it. Great for use as a sports coat and very nice quality. Definitely not worsted as for some reason I had assumed when I made the purchase.
The Napoli and Washington are on opposite ends of the spectrum of SS fits, so that's unlikely.
The back is actually fine. I was rolling my shoulders forward in this picture a bit, which I think made it look tighter than it is.
Flannel glen plaid in the Lazio fit. Not sure if a 40R is too short for me, though. Thoughts?
Thanks. In Spoo's case, though, the jacket hits the first joint on his thumb. Mine extends to the second joint on the thumb--about an inch longer. That's about the length I think my jacket is too long. But, hey, given the consensus that my jacket is if anything too short, I think I will stop disagreeing and accept the advice I'm getting. Lol.
The back still has excess fabric, but on most my suits that is resolved by taking down the collar. I have pretty square shoulders with little slope, so that creates some bunching between the shoulder blades. I'm sure my shoulder drop is an issue, too, but taking up the collar should fix most of the problem. I'll post fit pics of the 42R when I get it and I'll return the one that will require more alterations. Thanks again.
Thanks to everyone for the advice. I'm surprised to hear anyone say the jacket seems to short, as it easily goes past my buttocks in the rear. What I'm noticing from the pictures is that the length from the front seems okay but from the back it seems much longer. Maybe that has something to do with my posture. Also, as far as the chest is concerned, I think I was sucking in for the pictures I posted. Kind of dumb for fit pics. Here is another one in a more relaxed...
Got a 40L Lazio fit suit today in the mail. However, I am a bit disappointed as the jacket length measures about .6 inches longer than the online measurements say it should. I think this makes the jack a bit too long for me, especially if I was going to wear it as an odd jacket, which I was planning on. Thoughts? Too bad because otherwise it fits very well OTR.
I think the second suit could easily be broken into separates. The first is solid, and unless it has a lot of texture, I'm worried it might look like an orphaned suit jacket.
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