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I'm not sure you 'qualify' as a tailor, per se. But to my knowledge, PJT take measurements, advise on cuts and fabrics, and arrange alterations to the finished suits. Bloody lovely suits, at that.
One could argue that the meaning of the word to the average punter has changed and broadened (misogyny, anyone?), but in any case, I have not heard of (and cannot imagine) anyone who does know the difference being actually misled.Spend a few minutes on their website, and it is clear that they neither personally cut patterns, nor is there a tailor stitching coats out back (because if we're standing on ceremony here, technically you are only even a tailor if you are the...
American Tailors has Thurstons, a nice selection too. Or it was 6 months ago, at least.
So, how does the K last compare for instep height?
Wearing braces for the first time today. Very pleasant although I sewed the buttons onto my trousers slightly unevenly. I am wearing one of my fuller shirts, and the way that it billows and folds around the forks of the braces is a little irritating, but darts would solve this I think.
Was this easy to do? I can see the language barrier potentially making it a bit confusing....
I ha the impression that they're already made up, yes. Either customer returns or maybe even overstocks from retailers or something like that. But it was a couple of wonky pics on the website that got me worried. Will post links when I'm on a computer instead of phone.
The grey windowpane MJB sportscoat is really, really nice. It's $599, and only 2 button, and I'd probably prefer three patch pockets instead of two, but otherwise (yeah, I know) it's pretty perfect: good quality cloth, half lining, nicely finished, no stupid gimmicks (okay, navy fabric elbow patches, but you can replace those).
35 Euro, I believe. So maybe around $50? Just quietly, can anyone confirm whether the 'Outlet' ties are seconds? On some of the pictures, it looks as if there could be a printing error in the silk. Although it may simply be bad photography, I didn't notice this in the non-Outlet offerings.
Speaking of recolouring shoes (as we were a page or two ago), can anyone recommend a brand for touching up black shoes around the heel and cap where the colour has been slightly worn/stripped out over the years? I know that Saphir does one called Juvacuir, but I couldn't find it in Japan and would rather avoid the hassle of mail order. I think I've seen a Waproo product around the place. I've had cobblers retouch shoes of mine (without asking!) when I've taken them in for...
New Posts  All Forums: