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Yes, Ethan knew him. I believe that he was a doctor of some variety. Other than that, I do not know.
Don't DJs have Marcoliani and Pantharella?
Thanks I survived, and so did the shoes (mostly).At risk of tempting fate, I shined an even shinier pair for tomorrow...
I tie a cross between a double four and a Pratt/Albert knot, at least for silk prints. Around once and through the hole, then twice more and through again. More substantial than a double four, but less asymmetrical, within getting into Windsor territory.
Looking sharp as ever, Gerry! First day of new job today. Rain is killing my mirror shine
Yeah, it has an identity crisis: peak lapels and cloth (and even fit) as per a suit jacket, but then in brown with patch pockets. There's a decent MJB in grey with a navy windowpane this season, but it too sits and feels a bit too much like a suit jacket.
I'm sorry to hear that - it's a really shitty thing to have happen to a nice guy (I haven't met Matt obviously, but he seemed really nice on the phone). I'm not trying to have a go at anyone - you all seem like great blokes - I am simply crushed that I went interstate and didn't even manage to so much as fondle a swatch. It pretty well killed the last day of my trip too, as I was sticking around the city, waiting for the phone to ring. By the time I found out that I was...
So not Saturday as previously advised
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