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Go back wit' your Hispanic homeboys and light the place up, yo... (Yes, that WAS sarcasm)
Quote: Originally Posted by Joseph K. Bank I do think that if a poll was conducted with all the CEOs the Fortune 500 companies that they majority would respond that they felt pockets on dress shirts are more professional looking Exhibit A: pocketed shirt from the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection...
I rather like the looks of these polos, depending on how fine the cloth is (and what the fit is like). Fred Perryish without the logo (and also they tend to be rougher fabrics). Any knowledge on these?
The following arguments in favour of no pockets occur to me: 1. If you care about such things, it's more traditional - until the early decades of last century, a waistcoat was worn. 2. You can't wear braces with a pocket. 3. RTW pockets are all the same size (more or less) regardless of the shirt size - if you are are relatively diminutive, therefore, the pocket will be massive. If I need to carry cards or folded paper, I put them in my trousers pocket. If I...
There was someone doing this in 12 Angry Men IIRC...
Assuming they're 34-36s, if you ever want to sell either of THOSE two suits...eek. Incidentally, what are they?
What are the armbands for? To show allegiance to the Thom-Browne-Jugend?
Okay, I'm going to be a little bit personal here, so I'm not sure this applies to "every" stylish man: 1. A dark grey, three-piece suit (runner-up: French navy solid or pinstripe); 2. White cuff and collar shirts, in very lightweight fabric without too loud a stripe on the body (runner-up: white broadcloth with cutaway collar); 3. Black tie with small white dots (runners-up: shepherd's check, navy grenadine or basketweave); 4. Black zip-sided Chelsea boots (runners-up:...
I like some of the stuff they do, the linings on their suits are particularly beautiful. The whole Etro "look" in their ads (or on the runway) is way OTT, and even as a component of an outfit, many pieces look like they'd dominate. As a casual jacket or coat, some of their louder stuff would be fun. Does anyone know who makes their suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by FreedBird I like to occasionally fold a pocket square to fit in the back pocket of my pants, leaving just about a quarter to half an inch of the square peeking out. Left pocket or right pocket?
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