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Thanks Whacked! I did find the link to the new one but it had virtually no content so I assumed that wasn't what I'd been hunting for! Cheers, FP
Hi all, Sorry to generate another thread, but I am struggling to find something even after a good deal of searching. The other day, there was a post suggeting that if people were dissatisfied with T-Mag etc, and interested in a site with more scientific discussion of diet/exercise, they should check out X. I can't remember what X was, nor can I find the thread other than to say it was something quite recent, as I was reading it last week and it was on page one...
A lounge suit! Seriously, whatever you feel comfortable in. I go anywhere from black blazer/tieless shirt/dry denim to a tshirt/boots/jacket (usually Helmut Lang) according to the tone of the evening and more importantly, the company.
Has a certain gravitas...
A blast of paisley under a good jacket can look pretty good, but it's too much without. Same goes for most patterned cloths IMHO that aren't stripes - which have the more streamlined, slimming effect...
The website header is "Kilgour - International Luxury Goods and Tailoring". Does this indicate the order of their priorities, I wonder?
I'm just about to pick up my first "serious" piece of suiting, a Borrelli soft 3 button in French navy with reddish-bronze pinstripes, and if there was one thing that would heighten my excitement, its reading this excellent article. One thing that's always puzzled me though: Borrelli use such fantastic materials for everything, but their suit buttons are decidedly mediocre, and actually look a bit plasticky. No matter, as I'll replace them, but it still seems strange!
Champion mate! And from a new member too. I have been obsessing about it for days...i was on the verge of taking my laptop into the record store to ask.
I was watching some of the runway videos on the YSL website, and fell in love with a song, which I simply don't know the name of (Googling the lyrics yields no assistance). If anyone knows, I'd be eternally grateful. The website is: http://www.ysl.com/INT/en/index.aspx You need to click on Collections>Men>RTW>Spring-Summer 2008 Cheers in advance, Eden
I have a pair of tan sock Santoni FAMs nearly identical to those RL in design, a slightly more chisel-ly toe, square buckles, and a warmer colour overall getting darker toward the toes. Quite a sight to behold but they can tend to overwhelm outfits...
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