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Do you mean lined? An unlined three-fold would be barely there - a bit like a light scarf?
I'm yet to pull the trigger but looks like the 3-folds make a perfectly lovely knot, going by the pics here and elsewhere.
Thanks! Yeah, I landed there in the course of my search. Not 50oz I don't think, but lovely all the same and I am gonna grab a few!
I think it depends on the blazer and the jeans. Something with a bit of texture, like hopsack or tweed, and a raw denim with a bit of substance to it, goes together very nicely in my opinion. It tends to be my casual Friday go-to because a) it saves me ironing chinos and b) if I leave at 7am for the office and then head straight out and don't get home until 1 the next morning, a pair of jeans still looks fine.
Not gonna lie, saw this on TV this morning and unconsciously (maybe) wore same. Except APC dry denim not...whatever that is. And pocket square. But otherwise I'm basically the Duke of Cambridge right?
Happy Easter all! Can anyone steer me towards suppliers for 9cm Drake's ties, preferably in 50oz silk? There are a few on Exquisite Trimmings and one on ASW, but otherwise I am coming up stumps. Every last tie on the Drake's website is 8cm, and the MTO upcharge has gone from 10 pounds to 40, which is really a bit cheeky...
So this is a little out of the blue, given that I've been in a work-related black hole for the last two months...but has anyone got any of the 50oz Drake's silk prints? I feel like I saw one somewhere back in the day, and it was awesome. Buck's, probably. Anyway, how y'all been?
Re Uniqlo: when I visited the Melbourne pop-up, I was told that once the store opens, they will also be offering mail order in Australia, shipped from an Australian warehouse. I hope the guy was right...
Yes, Ethan knew him. I believe that he was a doctor of some variety. Other than that, I do not know.
Don't DJs have Marcoliani and Pantharella?
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