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I have been in the market for a Topas for a while - I even ordered one around Christmas but the German e-store delayed shipping for some reason to do with holidays and I had to cancel as it would have arrived while I was away.To me, they have a couple of big advantages: the massive wheels, which are hard to break and also give them good functionality; and, the availability of repairs using original manufacturer parts (in basically any major city).I also dig the aluminium...
Back on MJ Bale, they have got some really nice Macclesfield print ties and squares, but the ties are really skinny and the squares are tiny. Just really, really small. Are they just trying to cost-cut by being stingy with their silk?
Your shoes have been detained by Border Force. Their location is an on-water matter and can't be discussed.
-Wholecuts -In fact, any plain-toe dress shoe -Cream or pale yellow ties (can anyone pull these off? Darker complexions maybe?) -Narrow ties, by which I mean anything less than 9cm (this mystifies me, as I'm like 5'9" and 70kg)
Thanks Wurger! FWIW, how much 'V' do you think is too much? I'm a UK6.5 as well, so I especially appreciate your input...
Thanks for the feedback, I have been thinking hard about the Chelsea. I tried a pair (82 last) a little while ago and they look pretty fantastic.They didn't quite lace up flush when I tried them on, but the store owner suggested that they should with some wear. I was reluctant to take the risk given the cost, but would be grateful for anyone who can comment from experience...
FWIW here's my admission day mug shot. Anyone else game?
Country Road homeward have some nice frames, not sure if big enough. Mine is still in the drawer...
Thanks, I still can't work out how to post properly-sized pics from my phone!After only half a day, this might already be my favourite tie. It's about halfway between the Cappelli and Marinella prints that I have: a drier, matte finish that reminds me of Marinella, but with more body, though not as much as Cappelli.I find Marinella 3-folds too flimsy; Cappelli is plush but the knot can be a little fat. HC is just right. Now make some more CBD prints man!!
New HC tie was waiting for me when I got back from lunch: Absolutely lovely: my secretary approves (and so do I). Worn with Brilla per il Gusto suit from Beams House Marunouchi, M.J. Bale Napoli shirt, G. Inglese PS.
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