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Also my damn camera broke, so I have no pics to offer, even
I have to say, I was a bit underwhelmed by Isetan this time. Only a few EGs, and not much else in the prestige section at all. I did manage to load up on Borrelli shirts though, so I can't complain!
I'm in Tokyo on Friday, for a week - anyone fancy a drink and some sartorial chat?
Someone buy this E. Zegna DB from me!: The suit is new, although I had the trousers cuffed (2" deep as per forum orthodoxy). Those could be easily removed, if you prefer plain bottoms. It's a 6x2 DB, mid-weight flannel. I think it's what's called a 'worsted flannel' but don't quote me on that. Fully lined and fully canvassed. Measurements as follows: Back of coat: 28" Shoulders: 17" Sleeves: 23" (no buttonholes cut, so easy to alter) Waist: 28-29" Inseam: 31" Cuff...
I find the Aeropress a bit fiddly for my tastes. It also only makes a reasonably small quantity of coffee. If Mrs fxh or whoever wants a cup, you have to start again. I am using a Chemex, in the larger size, which makes 2-3 cups, and is pretty foolproof.
Just quietly, does anyone want to buy a Zegna (mainline) grey flannel pinstripe DB? Would fit a slim 36 or maybe even a 34. Bought off the interwebs a few winters back, and I have given up on losing enough weight to fit it comfortably. PM me if you're interested, I can send some pics/measurements...
I had a feeling that Isetan would be later, and I suppose I can handle missing that madness: last time was just a little too chaotic for me.I see that Beams and UA are both in 'pre-sale' mode on their websites, so surely they can't be too far off? I picked up a couple of suits last time and I want another three or so, plus some sports coats, shirts, and of course SHOES...
Well it's only been a few months but I'm dying to come back to Tokyo! Looking very much like I'll be there on 1 July, in fact. I don't suppose anyone knows when Isetan, Hankyu, Beams etc go on sale this year? Kind regards, FP
Do you mean lined? An unlined three-fold would be barely there - a bit like a light scarf?
I'm yet to pull the trigger but looks like the 3-folds make a perfectly lovely knot, going by the pics here and elsewhere.
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