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I picked up five Borrelli shirts overseas (pics to follow). I can't see any basis for the suggestion that Borrelli has fallen off - there was a ton of handwork: yoke and shoulders, collar attachment, buttons and buttonholes, of course, but also both sides of the French fronts. Confusingly, some are marked as 'Royal Collection' while others aren't, but they all seem to be the same standard of finishing and cloth, although one of the Royals actually has a double row of...
Also my damn camera broke, so I have no pics to offer, even
I have to say, I was a bit underwhelmed by Isetan this time. Only a few EGs, and not much else in the prestige section at all. I did manage to load up on Borrelli shirts though, so I can't complain!
I'm in Tokyo on Friday, for a week - anyone fancy a drink and some sartorial chat?
Someone buy this E. Zegna DB from me!: The suit is new, although I had the trousers cuffed (2" deep as per forum orthodoxy). Those could be easily removed, if you prefer plain bottoms. It's a 6x2 DB, mid-weight flannel. I think it's what's called a 'worsted flannel' but don't quote me on that. Fully lined and fully canvassed. Measurements as follows: Back of coat: 28" Shoulders: 17" Sleeves: 23" (no buttonholes cut, so easy to alter) Waist: 28-29" Inseam: 31" Cuff...
I find the Aeropress a bit fiddly for my tastes. It also only makes a reasonably small quantity of coffee. If Mrs fxh or whoever wants a cup, you have to start again. I am using a Chemex, in the larger size, which makes 2-3 cups, and is pretty foolproof.
Just quietly, does anyone want to buy a Zegna (mainline) grey flannel pinstripe DB? Would fit a slim 36 or maybe even a 34. Bought off the interwebs a few winters back, and I have given up on losing enough weight to fit it comfortably. PM me if you're interested, I can send some pics/measurements...
I had a feeling that Isetan would be later, and I suppose I can handle missing that madness: last time was just a little too chaotic for me.I see that Beams and UA are both in 'pre-sale' mode on their websites, so surely they can't be too far off? I picked up a couple of suits last time and I want another three or so, plus some sports coats, shirts, and of course SHOES...
Well it's only been a few months but I'm dying to come back to Tokyo! Looking very much like I'll be there on 1 July, in fact. I don't suppose anyone knows when Isetan, Hankyu, Beams etc go on sale this year? Kind regards, FP
Do you mean lined? An unlined three-fold would be barely there - a bit like a light scarf?
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