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I dunno, not that I'm much of one for sprezz anymore, but I feel that it's too much like walking around with holes in one's socks to count as elegance!
Yeah mate, I hear you!
Spectacular! Who made that beauty??
I get the full cedar Florsheim trees from DJs (oddly, the Florsheim store no longer sells them). Can frequently be had on sale for about $20.On another note, can someone explain 'foxing' to me?I am overdue for some new shirts, and hence many in my collection are fraying around the cuffs and collar. What, exactly, makes this awesome rather than not awesome?
I have a black pair of Gucci loafers with brass horsebits, which I bought about 10 years ago. They are in bad need of resoling, but look great with raw denim and a white shirt for casual Friday or the evening.Brown loafers are more flexible, for sure, as black looks pretty dumb with most colours of chinos. But if the price is right, get them and you might be surprised at how useful they are.
So YOU'RE the guy that got the chambray in 37! ...is it awesome?
Yeah, I should have planned that in advance: so many minor parties with deceptive or deceptively similar names.
Just copped a couple more Finamores. Makes me feel a whole lot better about today's election...
Second that. It was casual Friday today, my boss wore a tshirt with some kind of nerdy joke on it, Target jeans and runners.I wore a G. Inglese one-piece collar white shirt (cotton, but looks and feels like linen, funny thing), APC New Standards, and C&J double-monks...
Just don't go to the Always Habit website by accident...
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