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I have a black pair of Gucci loafers with brass horsebits, which I bought about 10 years ago. They are in bad need of resoling, but look great with raw denim and a white shirt for casual Friday or the evening.Brown loafers are more flexible, for sure, as black looks pretty dumb with most colours of chinos. But if the price is right, get them and you might be surprised at how useful they are.
So YOU'RE the guy that got the chambray in 37! ...is it awesome?
Yeah, I should have planned that in advance: so many minor parties with deceptive or deceptively similar names.
Just copped a couple more Finamores. Makes me feel a whole lot better about today's election...
Second that. It was casual Friday today, my boss wore a tshirt with some kind of nerdy joke on it, Target jeans and runners.I wore a G. Inglese one-piece collar white shirt (cotton, but looks and feels like linen, funny thing), APC New Standards, and C&J double-monks...
Just don't go to the Always Habit website by accident...
I recall that Sportscraft had a pretty nice model in deep brown scotch grain leather. $600 retail but inevitably available for less.Xile have some nice tan leather bags that seem to be permanently on sale, or at least the Brisbane brach does.I have a tan bag from, of all places, Saba which I bought on sale back in 2004 or thereabouts for about $200. It's modeled on the Hermès haut a courroies, and is by far the nicest thing Saba has ever made.I have always found Tess...
Wedding rings are easy. 1. Buy a $500 diamond ring from the mall. 2. Source an empty Tiffany and Co box from eBay. 3. Present it to your bride-to-be. 4. Act sheepish when asked how much it was. She will never know because THEY'RE ALL THE SAME.
Would someone like to buy a pair of Herringbone chinos? Size 30, tan/beige colour, cotton twill. They're the same ones that are in store at the moment for $300, yours for $120. I bought them and never wore them, my loss is your gain.
+1 on the brown chukkas.I've got some appallingly bright yellows Asics, which aren't stylish but are great. Go to a proper running store (ie, not Athlete's Foot), who will let you try some decent shoes on and have a run around the block, if you're lucky.
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