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All this talk of white chinos makes me want to wear white chinos tomorrow, however I'm fairly certain that I don't fit into mine after winter... Speaking of summer attire, what do you think of one-piece collar shirts with a suit (no tie)? I don't half mind the idea, and I like it better than a normal shirt without a tie. I ask because a) I'm looking at going to work for a guy who's fairly anti-tie and b) I nearly died of heat exhaustion today walking ten minutes up the...
At risk of being dramatic...WHY DO YOU HATE PEOPLE WHO WEAR 36??
There's a guy in Melbourne who trades as Wootton, in Prahran. Have never visited but was reading a write-up in Monocle not five minutes ago. The examples on the website aren't quite to my taste colour wise, and some are a bit 'distressed', but they are Blake-stitched and the quality looks okay as long as decent leathers are available.
Wallets: I love Longchamp 'Veau Foulonné' scotch-grain leather. It's quite soft but still pretty resilient. Prices are typically crazy at Hunt Leather, less so online. Mine is about 4" square, which is a little large, but does sit pretty flat in the pocket. Socks: Navy is good, grey is good, mid-blue is good, and why not get a few colours or patterns if they take your fancy! I went through a phase of wearing exclusively colourful striped and even solid socks (coral...
Not at all, I just had no idea that it was gay pride day! Perhaps 'unwittingly' is a better word.
Went to the New Farms shops today in pink polo, and multicoloured (patch madras) shorts, thus unintentionally expressing my support for gay pride day...
In relation to the suits, could I ask a few questions, please?: 1. How are the shoulder's constructed, in terms of both padding and roping? 2. Is that a front dart running all the way down that I see? Are they all done with that detail? 3. Dare I ask about a) pricing and b) who they're made by? This is all very exciting... EDIT: I couldn't trouble you for sizing on a 36 while I'm at it, could I?
I've always liked the adjective 'pure' in front of a scientific discipline. It makes me wonder what 'impure mathematics' etc might entail. Doing equations to make your calculator spell 8008135?
Hi Oli, for my part, chinos and jeans should have a quite different fit.What brand are the chinos, and do you wear them with a crease or not? Either way, iron them how you would wear them, and have them pinned up by the seamstress (or better, an actual tailor). Make sure you move around plenty, as there is a risk you will make them too tight by going for a for that works when you're standing rigid, not walking or sitting.If you like the length and cuff width of your 501s,...
Thanks for the tip. The navy scotch grain drivers look amazing, but I shall refrain due to sizing concerns!
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