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Rhodes and Beckett or even MJ Bale on special is a better bet, I reckon.
Just quietly, I don't suppose anyone here is 'thebougierocker' on eBay?
Sadly I'm not back in Tokyo for a few months, and the only goat hair brushes I can find here are for horse grooming...
My standard BrisVegas uniform is espadrilles in summer, and crepe soled chukka boots in winter. I have a stupidly high instep and find both to be comfortable...
Deer is certainly the premier option. Don't, repeat don't, go to Cloakroom.
Sweet, thanks Boff. I'm used to Royal Mail being good bit their website suggests shipping is slow...
Quick question: is there a stockist of Thurston braces in Melbourne that offers button-only, as opposed to convertible? I find they look cleaner without the eyelet and stud. Thanks!
I dunno, the traditional barathea is a pretty dry, crunchy weave. Why not fresco, I say!Nabil: what are you planning for trimmings? I'd imagine a nice grosgrain silk with very little sheen would look amazing.
WIWT Men in Blue Ties edition: Brilla suit (from Beams House in Tokyo Midtown); RLPL shirt, Bvlgari tie. Not seen: Oroton silver and MoP links (from the days before everything had a logo on it), The Gentleman's Socks, black C&J Hallams.
Also rampant at the Queensland Bar, and on the Labor frontbench...
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