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Thanks for the tip. The navy scotch grain drivers look amazing, but I shall refrain due to sizing concerns!
They were about $500 or $600 last time I was in, that was before the official 'sale' began but there were markdowns all over the shop...
Thanks for the heads-up. Frustratingly, when I emailed, there was a sale on, it now seems to be over The last pair I bought have the block rubber soles, and they have held up very nicely over about two years, although the suede itself isn't that nice and the shape is a bit ugly.Have you worn the Toms yourself? I see that the O&J webstore carries a pair in camo. The price is definitely right at $199, so long as I'm not going to destroy them!A certain Mr Wong seems to have...
I wore basically that all weekend - G. Inglese one-piece collar shirts with APC New Standards and brown tie drivers (an older pair which I'm looking to replace).+1Try David Jones, they have some by Rede (or at least they do in Brisbane) which are pretty good.I looked at Andy Tom on someone's recommendation (Nabil I think), and emailed the proprietor about a pair but never heard back. Have you seen them close up? They look lovely on the website, but I'm worried about the...
^^^baller On an unrelated note, I came across these C&J driving shoes on their website: They look really lovely, but don't seem to actually be available for sale anywhere online. They're about 150 pounds plus 45 shipping from C&J direct, which ain't cheap, in fact it's nearly $350 which is crazy expensive. But they do look very nice...
I dunno, not that I'm much of one for sprezz anymore, but I feel that it's too much like walking around with holes in one's socks to count as elegance!
Yeah mate, I hear you!
Spectacular! Who made that beauty??
I get the full cedar Florsheim trees from DJs (oddly, the Florsheim store no longer sells them). Can frequently be had on sale for about $20.On another note, can someone explain 'foxing' to me?I am overdue for some new shirts, and hence many in my collection are fraying around the cuffs and collar. What, exactly, makes this awesome rather than not awesome?
I have a black pair of Gucci loafers with brass horsebits, which I bought about 10 years ago. They are in bad need of resoling, but look great with raw denim and a white shirt for casual Friday or the evening.Brown loafers are more flexible, for sure, as black looks pretty dumb with most colours of chinos. But if the price is right, get them and you might be surprised at how useful they are.
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