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At risk of drawing fire, I was a little underwhelmed by the coffee last time I was in Melbourne. Not sure if the damp killing my sinuses (and hence sense of smell) was to blame, but I wasn't all that blown away!
If you have a look online, there are some step by step tutorials. It's really not hard to do, and then you can repair your own shirts with ease.
Stunning. In fact, I want one. Would you mind terribly if I sent you a PM to find out more about how you ordered?
Right, just for the shipping! How much was the suit itself? Also, what did you get in terms of cut/fabric? Enquiring minds want to know!
I have a surprisingly tasteful Emporio Armani watch that I bought myself upon graduation from law school (all I could afford at the time). It gets quite a few compliments when I wear it, which is rarely as it is, with hindsight, a bit too big for my minuscule wrists. My next pickup will probably be something vintage. There are plenty of 'lesser' brands that turned out stunning pieces in the fifties and sixties, before either going quartz or going bust. My dream is...
Hi there,Do you mean 280k yen, ie $2800? If so, that's an awful lot for an RJ suit, much though I do adore them!
Happy birthday to me...
Ties don't take up much room, so I say keep what you've got, in case your mood changes. I'm pretty big on standardization, and while I wear my 9.8cm prints almost all the time, a change is nice every now and then
I am really, really impressed by the site. The breadth and depth of product on offer is formidable, and its nice to see a confident venture, rather than a baby steps/testing the waters approach. I was especially struck by the offer of Maglia AND Talarico umbrellas. Of course, being a 36 chest, 37 collar, 6.5UK shoe, there is absolutely nothing that fits me, but I can still look!
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