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I will never forget my first hearing in Darwin. Turned up in usual gear: RAF blue suit, as I recall, pocket square and the rest, and took my place at the Bar table (Commonwealth prosecutors having seniority in the Territory). The magistrate (possibly the chief magistrate, in fact) walks in, we bow, all the rest of it. And she says "Mr [False Prophet], you can take your coat off. Before someone mistakes you for a defendant..."
^^^ love some loafer on suit action. Not game to do it myself, but I love it. Also, nice to see a tie of a solid width (9.5cm?)...
Sadly that jacket has no buttonhole on the lapel, and egregiously ugly machine stitching along the lapels...
I found that I needed to get around in Japan with a paper map and an electronic map, and constantly compare the two. Google Maps can sometimes be tricky to reconcile with what's actually on the ground.So anyway...what does Tailor Caid charge for a MTM suit? Edit: actually, trolling aside:http://www.tailorcaid.com/order.html
Makes you look like a complete Brewongle.
MJB has just opened in Brisbane. Try as I might, I couldn't get into any of it. Not only the skinny lapels, but closed front quarters - the opposite of everything good about their early stuff (which pretty well just mimicked the HB Osaka cut). I was interested in some of the unstructured cotton DBs they did last summer - sadly there was only one, and it was green, and had ugly machined stitching on the lapels...
^^^awesome. Is that an angled shoulder seam I see?
I can't see any real value if you're in a general commercial practice. I think that for family law and personal injury, it might sound impressive enough, when you're trying to net one-time clients who might think that it matters. But otherwise, generally you'll stand and fall on your reputation, skills, and client service. Just quietly, we should start a Lawyers of SF thread...
Contract law as between the parties. There will be something like the Health Act that governs handling of a corpse, I imagine, as well as the Criminal Code for mistreating one.
I would be keen for an Adelaide in oxblood/cherry, although sizing does worry me. I know that for US clients, either Vass or one of the proxies is able to send over try-on shoes. I wonder whether we could get that here: a bunch of try-ones that everyone could use to get their size right.
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