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A quick question: does anyone happen to know when Isetan's January sale is going to be? I would like to try to be in Tokyo for it. If I recall correctly, the last one started on 18 January?
Thanks for the Land's End recommendations, but I am reluctant to buy online (and were I do to so, I'd go straight to the source: Murray's Toggery Shop). I'm just not game to buy any more pants online (of any length) without trying them on first: small things make a big difference to fit. For example, the pair at Tommy Hilfiger were good in the waist, bottom of the legs, and leg length, but just a cm or two too short in the rise.
I was complimented in the street for my "swag" last night - good to see the youth appreciate linen shirts and red trousers...
Can anyone recommend a local source for some Nantucket red-esque shorts? Seems like everyone is doing a similar shade at the moment, but of the ones that I tried, they were either badly cut (Tommy Hilfiger), poorly finished (French Connection), or heinously overpriced (Ralph Lauren). I instead came home with a pair of these grey seersuckers from Country Road: http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/man/clothing/shorts/seersucker-stripe-short-60160370 I'm not quite sure what...
I love the look, as you can have a slightly bolder stripe or check on the body, but it won't overwhelm your tie...
At risk of drawing fire, I was a little underwhelmed by the coffee last time I was in Melbourne. Not sure if the damp killing my sinuses (and hence sense of smell) was to blame, but I wasn't all that blown away!
If you have a look online, there are some step by step tutorials. It's really not hard to do, and then you can repair your own shirts with ease.
Stunning. In fact, I want one. Would you mind terribly if I sent you a PM to find out more about how you ordered?
Right, just for the shipping! How much was the suit itself? Also, what did you get in terms of cut/fabric? Enquiring minds want to know!
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