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Is it possible to avoid VAT on that if they're exported?
Thanks Romp and JM. It's a suit I'm eying off, in navy with brownish stripes. Absolute stunner but would only get worn half of the year in Brisbane, which I suppose would assist its lifespan...
Going out on a limb here, but does anyone have any experience of Loro Piana 'Wish' 170s flannel? It looks nice, but at a guess it will be fragile (LP's stock in trade?)...
I mean, I tried a larger pair on for size. Did not buy. I suppose that a wide fitting is the answer but I of course cannot get that off the shelf.
Tried the F on yesterday, and while the double monk accommodates my absurdly high instep, I struggled to even get my foot into oxfords. Went up a half size, and was swimming in space, especially across my toes. Go figure.
They're all of 3990 yen here in Tokyo, I was a little worried in the quality though. JM, I know you have some: how do they last?Other option is some Okinawa-made sugarcanes in 14.5oz denim. They cost a little more...
Thanks again! Check your PMs
Thanks very much! I am excited and a little scared. Do I recall that people line up from the early hours of the morning? What time should I come, if I would actually like to get in? Edit: I had a good look at Spigola after your earlier post, thank you. I think that I could probably afford it now, but you mentioned that there was a price hike due which would probably put it beyond my range for the future, alas.
Nutcracker, would you be so kind as to advise whether there have been additions to the list that you posted previously? I have Vass in mind, in particular. I am staying in Shinjuku, but foolishly lost track of the days and thought the sale was a few days away yet! So I shall be the Gaijin in the blue cable-knit sweater, do say hi if you spot me.
It's a kilt pin, I think? I remember some YSL cape/coat thingies with same...
New Posts  All Forums: