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Reminds me of the C&J 348, which is again a pretty conservative last by modern standards. I wear both as a corporate lawyer without remark.
Long time no post: the last few months of last year were a nightmare and I've been without internet for a month. The reason for the latter being, I've recently moved to Melbourne to take up a new job I'm sorted for shops/restaurants/cafes/bars, but would love some recommendations on the following: 1. An alterations tailor; 2. A cobbler; 3. A dry cleaner. Price no real object for any of these - would rather spend more than mess it up. Any recommendations on a place to...
I only own their casual stuff but I've tried on their dress shirts, and yeah, the sleeves are pretty short IIRC.
^^^that Ovadia is damn nice!
Here you go: on the topic, I'm in the market for a new one. I know that DM has some English ones (Fox?).I suspect Buck's and AmTailors do as well, although they might have some Italian ones too, which I vastly prefer.Any intel on range or prices for Talarico or Maglia would be gratefully received.
Beautiful ties. Can I ask what make-up you went for in terms of folds and lining?
Thanks mate. Any idea on pricing?
+1 fxh. I've wasted several hundred dollars in wasted postage, return postage, or reselling at a loss, all because it's nearly impossible to judge what will work without a try-on. Double Monk know their products well, too. But a shame there isn't one in Brissie. On the topic, I seem to recall hearing a while back that DM were going to start stocking Carminas. Did that ever happen? I know American Tailors doesn't anymore, and Henry Buck's only has a single, extremely...
Thanks very much for that, Mr Six.Am I right in thinking that 3-fold is a Madder or similar, making it look even lighter and somewhat 'floppier'?
Now I'm really vexed! I thought my Marinellas were pretty light already.I'm contemplating maybe stepping up to 5-fold to add a bit of heft, but I'm not sure if that will be too much. I like my ties with a bit of body, but still tying a pretty tight double-four.I don't suppose anyone could post/link me some pics of light-lined 3 or 5 folds?
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