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For these AE´s, don´t wear suit at all.
I go for wool suit, light weight, tropical.
I looked at a videofilm from the wilderness in Yucon Territories, Canada. Nice and exciting, I loved it.
In my casual style (streetwear), I wear shirts and polywool trouser. It happens I wear a tie then, but it´s seldom.
Light shirt, dark polywool/wool trouser, dark jacket, (and tie if it´s neccesary).
This combination is too tasteless for me, I will not wear like that, neither in NYC nor anywhere.
J. P. Myhre. Where in Oslo are You located? If You have a store, whats the name? Great shoes.
I´m often very early (or very late), because I´m a busdriver.
Here in Norway, we don´t do that. I haven´t heard about that.
My favorites in Norway: Oslo: Mr. Hong, Chinatown Majorstuen. Bergen: Mongolian Barbeque Restaurant, Søstrene (sisters) Hagelin (fish), Egon, Big Horn. Voss, (winter resort in Western Norway, the country of Kari Traa): Café Stationen. Bodø (Bodoe), North Norway in midnight sun: Pizza-kjellaren (underfloor SAS-hotel).
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