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Kabbaz tie is not the worst I´ve seen, but one of the funniest ties. What paper is this?
Wear Your charcoal suit.
This jacket don´t match jeans in my opinion.
They are looking..........just white.
Tuxedo or a classic black suit (white shirt, black tie).
In my home at Playa del Thunes.
I have a navy solid tie, and I like to wear it to my navy suit. I like the classic and serious style.
Button through a button hole is the most correct for suit trousers, but I prefer button with a tab closure. Go for 2 rear pockets, not only one. I´m using them both.
Interesting picture, and the suit fits him in an interesting way. Too short sleeves, of course. Next time he have to wear an another tie with a different knot. The tight fitting here is OK in my opinion, and mathing his haircut.
The navy suit to the right looks great, and I like it.
New Posts  All Forums: