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The suit jacket fits You very well, but wear it with suit separates as wool trouser, shirt and tie on a bit formal events.
Olive coloured suit; only as a summer suit on casual or less formal events.
I wear both pleated and flat front pants. I prefer flat front pants. As pleated, I prefer singel pleat. My suit trousers are pleated. Just now I wear a charcoal singel pleated wool pant.
I don´t wear the same at home, because I wear an uniform at work.
Flat front or singel pleat for modern suits are OK in my opinion. More than one pleat are too much for modern suits.
Interesting style and thoughts from You, dressed2kill. You have decided that suit and fedorah are Your style. Keep Your style, and I give You my respect.
When I´m at work, I don´t wear my jacket. I wear the jacket if it´s cold, of course. I wear my waistcoat almost all the time, but not on the warmest days.
Potatoes and onions here in the north.
Too short trouser, and what about his white shoes with black stripes. Socklessness give him an interesting look.
If You like it, You can go for it. It´s nice.
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